• Eclipse Season
  • November 01 2021

November Monthly Horoscope

November can provide us with some deep and transformational experiences as it brings in the final Lunar Eclipse of the year in Taurus. With Uranus still retrograding in Taurus, we may find a continuation if not even amplification of the issues we have been having with supplies of important materials, money and rising energy costs.

The New Moon in transformative and intense Scorpio on  November 4th is exactly that – intense. La Luna is not at her very best in this most sensitive of signs, with her tendency to be defensive to cover up her deep vulnerability. Scorpio lunations have a tendency to bring us all face to face with our innermost shadows, giving us the opportunity to evolve and grow.

With Venus moving out of big-hearted, all-knowing and optimistic Sagittarius into practical, ambitious and materialistic Capricorn on November 5th we will feel the shift into a more serious, grounded and logical energy in all areas related to Venus; love, romance, money, relationships, self-worth, values, beauty, art and harmony.

Also on November 5th at 6:35pm, Mercury joins the Sun and Mars in powerful and transformative Scorpio. The planet of communication and knowledge has been in the airy sign of Libra for quite a while, due to his weeks of retrograde. This has been a particularly challenging period for Mercury as he’s been travelling through (and will still continue to be in) what’s known as the ‘Via Combusta’ degrees.

On November 19th Eclipse season begins with the partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus.Powerful emotions are likely to bubble to the surface, and we may come to the realization that our feelings about something have drastically changed, and we must honor our truth. What was once working is no longer working, and this Full Moon supports the necessitated process of emotional transmutation and release.

Sagittarius Season begins on November 21st and with the Sun moving into boundless Sagittarius, you should have more energy and self-confidence, and be honest and straightforward. It is a big change from the deep and intimate Sun in Scorpio.

Mercury follows the Sun into Sagittarius on November 24th which will give our attitudes and optimism a much needed boost. Mercury in Sagittarius gives a just, honest, generous and sincere mind, suitable for expansion through learning and understanding metaphysical topics.