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  • October 01 2023

October Monthly Horoscope

October is big month astrologically as we have 2 Eclipses, a Solar Eclipse in Libra and one final Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. Starting on October 4th our minds are going to be on Libra-like topics, topics such as love, relationships, money, beauty, values and most of all, balance.

Libra is the halfway point of the zodiac, and so represents the scales as well as justice, fairness and equality. More so, Libra is all about the “other”. Being the sign opposite to individually-driven and assertive Aries, Libra seeks to please everyone else over and above herself, and will bend over backwards to keep the peace.

Venus moves out of Leo and into Virgo on October 8th bringing in a more careful and critical approach when it comes to all things Venus: love, relationships, money, beauty, values, financial investments and behaviours. While Venus moves through Virgo, we may feel influenced to take a more careful and serious approach in our relationships, by checking in and making sure those we surround ourselves with have a positive impact on our well-being. Some may feel more closed off and cautious about who you let in or allow yourself to be close with.

Venus is actual debilitated in Virgo, its really not Venus’ favourite sign to transit through. This is mainly due to Virgos closed off, reserved, critical and meticulous approach. Those with Venus in Virgo are known to have quite the high expectations and may struggle to really understand and experience unconditional love because they require so many conditions and standards.

Pluto, often regarded as the planet of transformation in astrology, moves direct on October 10th after its annual retrograde phase. When Pluto goes direct, it signifies a shift in energy from introspection to outward manifestation. During its retrograde, Pluto encourages deep introspection, revealing buried truths and hidden aspects of our psyche. Once it turns direct, the insights gained can be applied, leading to personal and collective growth. This movement can symbolize power, regeneration, and rebirth, allowing us to harness its energy to drive profound change. Understanding Pluto's transition helps many navigate life’s challenges, ensuring they are aligned with their authentic selves.

When Mars makes its ingress into Scorpio on October 12th, there's a notable alteration in our exploration of social dynamics. The focus shifts significantly, making relationships, passions, and the way we assert these feelings undergo a deeper, more profound introspection.

Mars, often recognized as the planet symbolizing war, is also referred to as the deity championing innovation and transformative change. Its primary attributes include assertion, active engagement, and sometimes, aggression. When Mars finds its place in Scorpio, the resultant energy can be likened to a smouldering intensity that's hard to ignore. Scorpio stands as the zodiac sign that embodies mystery, unparalleled depth, and an innate capacity for inner transformation. Being a fixed water sign, Scorpio captures and reflects the fervor and obstinate nature of Mars, and this association becomes even more pronounced considering that Scorpio traditionally falls under the rulership of Mars.

Right in the middle of what’s usually known as the Libran ‘Relationship Season’, Eclipse Season kicks off. This is the second Eclipse Season of 2023, and with both Eclipses ruled by the planet Venus, our connections and bonds are all up for change.

Eclipses are, by nature, not always easy. They require some sort of sacrifice in order to bring their gifts. Everything is amplified, expanded, more intense. For those of us with planets between 20 and 22 degrees of the Cardinal signs – Libra, Aries, Capricorn or Cancer – this is going to be very impactful period. Over the next six months up to two years, powerful shifts are on the cards.

Collectively, the Solor Eclipse in Libra on October 14th is about fine-tuning our relationships, and deciding which ones are working for us, and which ones aren’t. Being a supercharged New Moon, it’s possible that new bonds can be formed, but there’ll be some sort of catch. Nothing comes free during Eclipse Season. Mercury is conjunct this lunation, bringing the energy of diplomacy and compromise, qualities which will go far to help navigate through the trickier moments. Venus, the ruler of this Eclipse, is angled to Saturn in a tense opposition, inviting us to balance give and take, to dig deep, find our true value and ask for what we are worth.

When Mercury finds its place in the watery depths of Scorpio on October 22nd, its nature is transformed. It becomes akin to a deep-sea diver, plunging into the abyss to uncover hidden treasures. Scorpio bestows upon Mercury the gifts of profound insight and heightened intuition, amplifying its psychic capabilities. With Mercury in Scorpio, there's an almost uncanny ability to perceive things others might miss. While this period may lead us to be more guarded, keeping our innermost thoughts and secrets protected, it also primes us for conversations filled with intensity and purpose. Scorpio is not one for superficial banter; it seeks depth and substance. There's an irresistible pull towards topics considered taboo, forbidden, or lurking in the shadows. Such discussions often bring enlightenment and catharsis.

On October 23rd–  the Sun heads into the powerful, deep and intense water sign of Scorpio. Scorpio Season happens at the same time as Halloween and Eclipse Season, and thus, the potent energies of this sign can be called upon to manifest fierce transformation.

Scorpio is the sign of the Alchemist and the Shaman, the sign that rules the concept of death and rebirth. It’s that time of year when the gears shift from light and breezy to complex, passionate and slightly on the darker side of life. But dark doesn’t mean bad – in fact, it’s absolutely essential for us as a collective to integrate all sides of us – from the acceptable to the ‘unacceptable’. Scorpio strives to show us our shadows so that we can be whole and live a meaningful, more balanced existence.  

The grand October finale on October 28th is one busy Lunar Eclipse, with five out the ten planets linked to it. It’s also the last Taurus Eclipse in a series that has been unfolding since November 2021. Thus, this will undoubtedly close a very important chapter, a chapter themed around the polarities of peace versus drama, security versus change and comfort versus evolution. These issues (and many more) have been the dance of the collective for the last two years, making it essential to look back and realize just how far we’ve come. 

Seeing as Full moons are linked to release, and this being the last in a long series, what final tether is that we need to let go of? Where can we finally untie the apron strings, take the training wheels off? We’re more than ready to step up into a new paradigm, and with the help of bountiful, gift-giving Jupiter, we’re likely to be rewarded for our courage. It takes a lot for Taurus to move out of their beloved comfort zone.

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