• Learning to Compromise
  • September 01 2022

September Monthly Horoscope

Venus moves out of Leo and into Virgo on September 5th bringing in a more careful and critical approach when it comes to all things Venus: love, relationships, money, beauty, values, financial investments and behaviours. While Venus moves through Virgo, we may feel influenced to take a more careful and serious approach in our relationships, by checking in and making sure those we surround ourselves with have a positive impact on our well-being

The 3rd Mercury Retrograde of the year begins on September 9th in the airy sign of Libra. The collective theme of this retrograde will be – how do we “do” relationships? What are our habits when we attempt to build intimacy? Can we show up as our full self while fostering meaningful connections that preserve our autonomy? On a personal level, locate the house in your chart ruled by Libra. This is where you can expect to revisit conversations, explore new potential solutions, or generally perceive circumstances from a brand new perspective. 

Our annual Pisces Full Moon happens on September 10th at 4:59 am CT / 5:59 am ET. A full moon in the sign of Pisces always occurs in Virgo Season, which is a time of year when we are encouraged to take our overall wellbeing seriously. This may mean undergoing a digital detox with the goal of returning to nature’s rhythms, or otherwise removing ourselves from situations that are draining our life force energy with no promise of replenishing it. 

As the sun moves from Virgo into Libra on September 22nd, a more socially orientated adjustment may come into play, where our relationships with others highlights where we are needing to create resolution and balance in our lives after the confusion and potential turmoil from the previous few weeks.

 Libra is ruled by the goddess of love: Venus and is very much centred around interpersonal relationships and the art of maintaining healthy ones. Cardinal Libra’s scales symbolise balance, and the need to weigh things out before making decisions. This is an air sign ruling the mind and communication. The cardinal energy rules initiation. Therefore, this ensures that careful listening and the gathering of all information determines productive outcomes that serve all parties involved.

On September 23rd Mercury Retrograde will move back into Virgo. This will take the focus off of understanding and developing our relationships to more mental discrimation and reorganzing our habits, routines and lifestyle in general. Mercury will be retrograde until October 2nd

However the Libra New Moon on September 25th will maintain the relationship focus at least on an emotional level. The ruler of the New Moon is lady Venus, and even she is peacefully linked with a forgiving and soulful trine to planet Neptune. Romantic feelings can be extra heightened now, so whether we are partnered up or single, love is the order of the day. Setting an intention to love ourselves and others more deeply by creating greater balance in our lives is what this New Moon is urging us to do. If we’ve felt out of kilter or off-key, this is the ideal opportunity to set things right again. 

Venus in Libra on September 29th is a time to really up the self love, to learn to be more independent vs co-dependent, and to learn to no longer rely on others for validation, but to learn to validate ourselves and fill up our own cup, with love, compassion and abundance. If you are in a relationship during this transit it’s a great time to assess any imbalances within the relationship, is one partner giving more and one partner receiving more? Its an amazing time for learning how to compromise and work together aside your differences.


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