May Monthly Horoscope


For the next several months, Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, does his slow backwards dance across the signs of Aquarius and Capricorn. From May 1st until October 11th, topics connected to Pluto – power, control, evolution, transformation as well as death and rebirth – become more magnified, yet at the same time, muted. Retrogrades have a way of highlighting planetary themes, whilst reflecting potential problems to be learnt and integrated.

With Pluto having recently shifted into the sign of Aquarius – on March 23rd – there’s been a collective transference of energy. Going from materially-focused, economy-driven and goal-orientated Capricorn into idealistic, independent and unusual Aquarius has been quite a change of gears. Since 2008, Pluto has emphasized and transformed the way that we do business, money and Capitalistic structures. Many old systems and traditions – a Capricorn theme – have collapsed and been replaced with new ones.  

The first Lunar Eclipse of 2023 on May 5th is not for the faint of heart. In evolutionary Scorpio, this is our collective cosmic moment to burn, purge, destroy and otherwise remove everything that has become old, stale or outworn. Sound dramatic? Well, sometimes that’s the only way our souls can learn, is through powerful, intense and all-consuming experiences. Eclipses are a time where all the karmic doorways are flung open and are often accompanied by accelerated change. The Universe has her foot firmly all the way down on the gas now and our best bet is to hold on tight as we hurtle towards our final destination.

Scorpio is a tough placement for the tender Moon, and all we may want to do over this time is withdraw and nurse our wounds. Is this constructive? Yes, perhaps. Privacy to process change and endings is probably what we all need in order to allow our inner Phoenix to rise from the ashes. The gift of Scorpio is being able to transmute pain into power, to transform trauma into growth.

Our psychic awareness is turned all the way up now, so it’s important not to ignore the signs and to trust ourselves and our gut. Like fledgling birds, we need to have the courage to leave the comfort of our nests and spread our newly birthed wings. Staying where it’s safe is not going to serve us, as tempting as it feels. 

While Venus moves through Cancer on May 7th and you are being invited to create more beauty and harmony in your life – to start saying yes to more things that nourish your emotional well-being and no to things that take a toll on your emotional well-being. Allow yourself to be more understanding, and not just of others but also allowing yourself to go deeper with understanding your emotions, behaviours and values.

Late on May 14th Mercury will come out of retrograde motion at 5 degrees Taurus. It may have been a slow time moving plans forward and now things may start to move faster again however Mercury will not be out of the shadow period until May 31st. So best to not try to do more than you can handle in May.

 It’s Taurus’s time to shine, because from May 16th, 2023, abundant and gift-giving Jupiter arrives here, where he’ll stay for a full, uninterrupted year. Moving on only on May 25, 2024, this growth-provoking planet expands all the topics of earthy Taurus, including money, resources, values and relationships. Those of us who are lucky enough to have any of our ‘big three’ in this earthy, sensual sign – The Ascendant, Sun or Moon – will likely feel this energy the most and have a year to remember.

The first New Moon after an intense Eclipse Season offers the opportunity for grounding and safety. Eclipses often tend to stir up chaos and rapid, accelerated change. This makes it a good time to set an intention that aligns with the values of the stability-loving earth sign of Taurus on May 19th. 

Yet, with Uranus still close by – within 9 degrees – there may be lingering aftershocks of the unexpected shifts that unfolded over the last few weeks. Staying open to unpredictability whilst finding a solid anchor to draw strength from, is advised during this New Moon. Immersing ourselves in nature, somatic bodywork practices and connecting to our senses are just some of the ways that we can tune into Taurean energies and regain our center. 

Mars moves into proud Leo on May 20th. Mars is the archetypal warrior planet that governs our drives, desires, lusts, and physical prowess and so we can all feel the pull towards Leo-like qualities such as self-expression and playfulness. Leo rules the heart, and with Mars in this sign, we all have the potential to be led by our deepest, heart-centered desires.

Over the next few weeks, we can confidently claim our own place in the spotlight and be brave enough to tackle our projects and relationships with enthusiasm and optimism. Mars in Leo is a true fighter, seldom ever giving up on someone or something he loves.

Gemini Season on May 21st invites us to, instead, enjoy every different spice that life has to offer rather than stick to just one thing. Neither is better or worse - it’s just different, and Gemini just loves different! As the sign of the twins, Gemini has both a shadow and a light side.

The lightness of Gemini is flighty and fun, positive, clever and quick on the uptake. This side of Gemini laughs things off and is willing to adapt and change with its environment! Gemini season offers the gift of flexibility and adaptability, the ability to wear any role and face that we need to according to the given situation. What a talent to have!