Neptune Retrograde in Pisces


Neptune, King of the Ocean and the modern ruler of music, art and spirituality, is beginning his retrograde journey on June 30th until December 6th.

This is our time to slip back into the watery depths of our subconscious and dig for the treasures hidden there. Treasures that may be painful to uncover but can be transformative healing resources. Hypnosis, dreams and creative visualization are magical ways to work with the energy of Neptune retrograde – especially when we feel a little lost.

See, the energy of both Neptune and Pisces can be confusing, disorientating. If we don’t heed our intuition and listen to the signs that the Universe is giving us, it’ll be all too easy to lose our way. To slip into escapist behaviors. The risk during this retrograde is addiction – addiction to substances, to TV, to technology, media, food, love – you name it. Addiction is but a symptom of a more deeply rooted issue. And it’s our job during this time to softly, gently and compassionately probe the reasons why we might be seeking escape or diving into numbness. Pisces energy is here to feel it all – but to also have clear boundaries.

Boundaries are an ever-important theme of Neptune in Pisces. Boundaries in our relationships, boundaries in our habits, our mental diets, our connection with the spiritual. Remember, Neptune was discovered in the 1800’s, a time where spiritualism and occultism was on the rise. As such, Neptune carries these powerful qualities, but it’s essential to sift fact from fiction – which is never easy during retrograde. This is why we need to brush up on our spiritual connection, revisit our intuition and open our hearts to Divine guidance during these few months. 

It'll also be a period for letting go of grief and processing sorrow, what with Neptune connecting to the Star Markab. The more we grieve, the more we have the opportunity to open our hearts and let the sunlight in.