• Feeling Eccentric
  • February 01 2022

New Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon on Feb 1st at 12 degrees of Aquarius is a lunation full of promise – and contradiction. The 11th sign of the zodiac is well-known for being contrary, unpredictable and different, and this lunation will reflect these ideologies back to us.

Thus, the beginnings that we embark upon may have some twists and turns along the way, no matter how structured of an approach we decide to take. Being a fixed air sign, Aquarius has the reputation of being progressive and open to everything, yet also may cling onto what feels consistent and reliable.  

What magnifies this chaos versus order theme is the fact that Saturn, planet of structure and Uranus, planet of rapid change, are both closely aligned to the New Moon. Saturn is just three degrees away from a perfect conjunction to La Luna and Sol, whereas Uranus is within five degrees short of an exact square.

Saturn’s responsible energy might bring the urge to restrict, hold back, structure and order our intentions in a grounded fashion. The ancient co-ruler of Aquarius wants us to hold back and delay gratification, especially when it comes to our ideals and future goals. Aquarius is a sign that loves to dream – the Water Bearer is the visionary after all, seeing far into the future. And seldom does Aquarius have the opportunity to actually bring its philosophies and dreams into reality, seeing as this airy sign can tend to stay with its head in the clouds. And so, Saturn can be a great help, even if we feel insecure about our abilities. Working through these insecurities is what will give us confidence in the months to come.

Then we have Uranus, the rebel planet, to consider. Uranus will undoubtedly bring rapid and unpredictable changes to the plans that we make under Saturn’s orderly influence. Whatever we set out to do, we need to be mindful of having an attitude of flexibility. If we don’t, we can be subject to the stress, anxiety and overthinking that is Aquarius’s Achilles Heel. We might try to hold on when we really just need to let go.

Other themes surrounding this New Moon may be our friendships and the quality of them – who we decide to keep in our lives, versus who we need to move away from. Discovering our ‘tribe’ is a potentially very important theme over these next few months, and we’ll need to keep an open mind and heart. Aquarius also rules teaching, education and workshops, which may become one of the goals that we wish to manifest in the year to come. Again, we need to find a way to balance both order and chaos. We need to integrate the principles of progressiveness and tradition in all that we do, whether it’s our future goals, friendships, or educational aspirations.

On an inner level, it’s important to recognize our limitations during this New Moon, and instead of seeing these as flaws and faults in our nature, to rather, accept ourselves as merely human and to love ourselves through these qualities. A heaviness of spirit may be felt, yet there are glimmers of a future more aligned to who we are, what we believe in and what we are truly capable of. Building castles in the sky is ill-advised at this time. Saturn wants us to be realistic and authentic, whilst Uranus encourages radical self-acceptance and the ability to handle change gracefully.

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