New Moon in Aquarius


‘Tis truly the age of Aquarius, with a grand total of four planets in the sign of the Water Bearer during this New Moon. Sol and La Luna are drifting the same airy realms as recently-arrived Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. Mercury, the Heavenly Messenger of the Gods, follows hot on their heels. It’s a cosmic party.

With so much energy gathered in this most progressive sign of the zodiac, anything can happen. There’s no ideal, no plan, no dream, that’s too far-fetched. Reach for the Moon, and we’ll land amongst the Stars, promises this magical New Moon.

Yet, with Aquarius being a fixed sign, one quality that may be hard to come by is flexibility. The ability to be adaptable, to change with the times, to be versatile and open-minded. For as progressive as Aquarius is, it's also a sign that’s well known for its inflexibility. This isn't a bad thing. Inflexibility can also mean consistency and safety. It’s just two sides of the same coin. And it only becomes a problem when change does come along and we, in true (rebellious) Aquarius style, challenge the change or refuse to budge - unless it’s on our own terms, of course. Aquarius tends to create the rules, only to break them.

With Uranus being so closely squared by both the Moon and Sun, there are certainly going to be some surprises in store over the next several months. Unavoidable surprises. Unpredictable events. It’s essential that we develop an adaptable attitude so that we don't end up in a tailspin of anxiety. At worst, Uranian energy can put us in a space of stressful uncertainty, clinging to a holding pattern not because it's good for us, but because it feels familiar.

With this in mind, the planet of abrupt change urges us to let go. To step outside the status quo. To roam outside of our comfort zone, To set ourselves free. Because, ultimately, the highest value of Aquarius is freedom. Freedom within a relationship. Freedom within our profession. Free to travel, free to create our own working hours, to build a community of like-minded souls. The freedom to choose the life most unique and aligned to us. This is the ultimate gift of the New Moon.

So, when we’re setting our (lofty) intentions, let’s promise ourselves that we won’t cling to old ways. That we’ll align ourselves to Divine Will. That we’ll keep in mind any twists and turns we encounter are leading us down the path best suited to our souls - even if it’s anxiety-provoking at first. Let’s think things through, but not to the point where we give ourselves analysis paralysis.


Change is afoot. And we couldn’t have asked for a better time for this to happen. The next few months bring sustained growth, unexpected liberation, new opportunities to connect with the community and even the chance to fully embody the Archetypal role of Coach, Teacher or aspiring Student. The options are only as limited as our imagination.