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New Beginnings
New Moon in Aries March 24 2020

The Aries New Moon on March 24th at 4° brings a direct, uncomplicated focus to affairs, helping us to move ahead in straight lines. This can be a great boon in many areas of life, but particularly with a situation that has previously felt stuck or too complex. It may be the case that we are motivated to take up fresh activity in an area that has been dormant or lacking in solutions.

This is a progressive, sparky energy with heaps of potential to do something totally NEW. Aries is somewhat rebellius, and although this is very much tempered by earth and water, there is still the ability to act in ways that are brave and different. Be fearless, serving the greater good.

The Moon is starting to separate from a sextile to Saturn, which suggests that a serious atmosphere could be softening. This may come about because steps towards greater progress have already been made. Perhaps you are about to turn the page on events that have been rather hard-going and drawn out. Either way, a separating aspect that involves the Moon, which is linked with daily changes, can convey the sense of a situation being on the wane.

Where Saturn is concerned, we often have lessons to learn, some of which we can pick up relatively easily, whereas others may just not stick with us. Occasionally, we simply don’t get the message, or at least not right away. Even so, it can turn out that life is intent on ensuring that we do “get it” this time, which may mean that the occasion for learning seems to recur — or the circumstances relating to it do so. There could be a developing theme of history repeating itself

There is a marked theme of healing to this month’s New Moon, because it is conjunct Chiron in Aries. We may well witness an acceleration in a therapeutic process. If we notice any kind of new health problem arising, however, it might be equally wise to take prompt action to nip it in the bud. We could avoid a repeat of a situation we’ve previously experienced, or step away from a matter that will worsen quickly.


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