• Feeling Sentimental
  • June 29 2022

New Moon in Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer on 28 June at 7 degrees is one in which there’s a collective sense of luck and growth. Everything about this lunation points to expanding our capacity to feel, to heal and to empathize. Cancer rules the archetype of the Inner Child, as well as the Nurturing Mother. These are both important archetypes to cultivate within, so that when our own Inner Child asks to be held, seen and made safe, we’re right there to make it happen. Being fully present is the key to creating long-lasting feelings of security.

Speaking of feelings, they’re likely to be experienced in a big way, not only because Cancer is a deeply emotional sign, but also because this lunation is linked to the largest planet in our Solar System, planet Jupiter. Mathematically speaking, there’s a square aspect between these three planets, and it’s a Partile Square – meaning that the degrees are all exactly the same. This makes the aspect stronger, amplifying the effects of Jupiter on this New Moon.

Jupiter is generally thought of as the ‘lucky’ planet, the planet of good fortune. We may all be feeling like we can push our luck at the moment, like we can take some risks and set some larger-than-life intentions. However, we’ll need to exercise moderation. Square aspects tend to be blocks, obstacles and hindrances, even when they come from Jupiter. We could take unnecessary risks, feeling over-confident that we can do it all.

Making decisions based on these larger-than-life feelings is not advised, no matter how tempting it is. No matter how much good fortune we think we’re running into, we need to pull back and have just a little caution. We’re not as lucky as we think, and we’re far more reactive than usual.

We could think of this New Moon as a child jumping up and down for some more candy, knowing full well that we’ve had enough, and to have more will only add fuel to the fire. Our Inner Mother must step in and gently, kindly and authoritatively teach our Inner Child to self-soothe and emotionally regulate through loving habits rather than indulgent, regressive behaviors.

So, with any new endeavor, whether it’s related to changes at home and family – the domain of Cancer – or within the realm of emotional security and safety - also Cancer-ruled – we’ll need to practice restraint. Jupiter lends us some luck, but biting off more than we can realistically chew isn’t advised. Reckless emotions, reckless behavior, these are all things to watch out for during this emotional New Moon. Because the truth is, we’re not clear on what we really need right now, yet on some level, we may still be trying to force it. Sitting with powerful feelings and watch them come and go is a wonderful spiritual practice to cultivate during this time.


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