New Moon in Capricorn


There couldn’t be a more opportune time, nor a more opportune sign, for a New Moon. A little over a week into 2024 and the skies are graced with a grounded, goal-oriented and practical New Moon in ambitious Capricorn. It’s a lunation that packs quite a punch, what with an applying conjunction to evolve-or-dissolve Pluto, and a tight trine with electrifying Uranus. If we were hoping for a wake up call- a sign, so to speak - then this is it.

Capricorn is a very unique sign, seeing as it’s the cosmic Sea-Goat. It’s an energy that walks between the worlds of responsibility and reality as well as the worlds of fantasy, the creative and the spiritual. Capricorn, in its most evolved form, takes these polarizing energies and weaves them together in harmony. This is the hallmark of their often-astounding material success.

And so, when we align ourselves with this energy, we, too, can manifest something powerful. If there’s a dream that’s arising and yearning for physical creation, now's the moment to make it happen. The next several months up, until around the Solstice, will be the time in which our intentions begin to take hold and come to fruition.

With this in mind, sowing the seeds of nothing less than total transformation - which is what Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, demands - is crucial. Keep in mind that prior to the process of this metamorphosis, something needs to be destroyed to make space for the rebirth.

It may be an old path - perhaps a professional one, seeing as this topic comes under the domain of Capricorn - or a relationship, a way of being or even a financial situation - that ends. Purging and surrendering are non-negotiables. Opening ourselves up to the possibility of drastic change through crisis will pave the way for Uranus, the Sky God of sudden shifts, to work his unique brand of magic. Many of the Moons of 2023 have had a distinct Uranian flavor. We haven’t been given what we’ve wanted - or what we thought we wanted. Instead, we’ve been given exactly what we needed. We’ve been set free. This New Moon in Capricorn with its connection to Uranus brings more of the same. It liberates us - if we allow it to.

Meanwhile, Saturn, the planetary ruler of Capricorn, sits in Pisces, sextiling expansive Jupiter in Taurus. It’s an ideal alignment for sustained (Saturnian) growth (Jupiter). Known as the business aspect, it’s an energy that we can all channel towards whatever our business happens to be, whether this is personal growth or the growth of a professional dream.

Venus has also just left a square with Saturn, though she’s still in wide orb, allowing the insecurities of the past to fall away and be replaced with a realistic perspective on our strengths and our weak areas. Our perceived failures simply lead us towards success, as we’ll learn. It’s a key concept to keep in mind as we navigate our ambitious way into the first crucial months of 2024.