New Moon in Leo


A heart-centered New Moon is being seeded on August 16th in the expressive, passionate sign of the Lion(ess). This warm lunation is conjoined to Venus, who, whilst still retrograde, has now become the Morning Star. She rises ahead of the Sun, having conquered her transformative Underworld Journey. Although she still has a way to go before going direct, the cosmic energy is beginning to lift, and our hearts are singing out to us, beckoning us to align more closely to what makes our souls feel more joy. After all, Leo is the sign of the Inner Child. This is the playful, happy child that lies inside each and every one of us, despite everything that we’ve had to endure.


Thus, the intentions that we set during this magnificent lunation should be along the lines of doing something that allows us to express the Inner Child, express our sacred and precious creativity, to express our most Authentic Self. The Sun is particularly strong in the sign of Leo, where he has rulership. This allows for his counterpart, La Luna, to shine brightly too, as a powerful reflection of this bright Luminary.


And so, the qualities to enhance ever the next few months while this New Moon grows in light are Self-Assurance, Self-Confidence, Self-Love And Self-Belief. We are truly capable of anything, promises this New Moon. Strength is very much on our side. This speaks to the image of the Strength card in the Tarot, which happens to be ruled by - you guessed it - Leo.


What’s more, it’s the kind of strength governed by Love, as per Venus’s proximity. When we have Strength mixed with Compassion, we have incredible power, and the potential to truly alchemize ourselves. We can gaze into the jaws of the Lion – our fears – with the greatest of kindness and the deepest level of care. This care should be ultimately aimed towards our inner world, towards our perceived failings and shortcomings.


The reason for this is because, for all the pride and magnificence of Leo, it’s also a sign that tends to crave validation and praise for a job well done. Can we give this validation to ourselves? Can we speak to our Inner Child with encouragement? Can we help navigate the changes that are undoubtedly going to happen with fierce grace? Uranus is angled to this New Moon via a powerful square aspect – it’s partile, meaning exactly to the degree – reflecting the potential for abrupt shifts of direction. It’s important to stay open to these changes, seeing as they’re likely to happen beyond our control. Leo, as a fixed sign, does like to be in the driver’s seat, so this may challenge our Ego just a little. Yet, it’s in surrendering into the unknown that beautiful things have the potential to unfold in the most unexpected of ways.


With all of this in mind, place your hand on your heart and ask her what she wants. Is it love? Family? A creative direction? A home? Alignment with Inner Self? Strength? Confidence? A more delicious life? All of these things, and more, are fully available to us during this New Moon. What it takes is the courage and confidence to not only ask the question, but to also trust the answer and then follow it up with consistent action.