• Courage from the heart
  • July 28 2022

New Moon in Leo

One of the very best New Moons of the year is dawning, at 5 degrees of passionate Leo on 28 July 2022. This is the New Moon we have been waiting for. It symbolizes heartfelt self-expression, inner confidence, unique creativity and expanded growth.

Sol – the Sun – is at home in his kingdom of Leo. Here, he’s able to truly tap into the Soul and bring forth the creative gifts that reside within. Self- confidence is the hallmark of the Lion(less). Leo never shies away from the limelight and proudly leads, trusting in their innate ability to overcome any challenge.

Supporting this New Moon is buoyant, happy and growth-provoking Jupiter in the equally confident sign of Aries. This aspect helps to speed along the intentions set during this time, and lends us the warrior courage that we need when we begin anything new. We can take a chance during this New Moon, and trust that the net will appear the moment that we jump.

Of course, so much fire may also lead to an inflated Ego, so we will have to walk that fine line between Ego and Soul Expression. We will need to be mindful and considerate of others’ needs and desires, for they are as equally important as our own. There’s a big difference between seeking validation, versus needing to be worshipped. We might also need to be aware that our actions may be seen as self-serving, so it’s important to ensure that we are acting from a place of Soul authenticity than from pure selfish desire.

Uranus, Mars and the North Node are all together in Taurus at this New Moon, which adds a flavor of the unexpected. Our foundations and security are likely being shaken up, liberated, freed. Being prepared for the unexpected will be key, as well as trusting that we have the innate ability to overcome, as well as to thrive in the face of anything new.

With that in mind, tap into your inner warrior and champion. Be your own biggest cheerleader.  Know that your Inner Child has a Divine Cosmic Right to exist, to be here and to shine. Repeating the affirmation of “I Am” and focusing on the Crown and Solar Plexus Chakras may help you to connect to the essence of who you really are - to your True Self, beyond Ego, Image or Persona.

Leo happens to rule the heart, so any new beginnings we embark upon need to come straight from this place. Being in our authenticity will help us to ask for what we want, especially when it comes to love and romance. We may need to first cultivate a stronger relationship with Self, and from there, trust that everything will flow.  After all, this is the place that we always have to start if we wish to be able to gracefully receive the Love of another. Single or coupled-up, this lunation may offer you the chance of starting over, starting a family, making a home together or simply relating more from the heart.

Useful New Moon in Leo Crystals