New Moon in Sagittarius December 18 2017


New Moon in Sagittarius December 18 2017

Renewed Trust
December 18 2017

The Sagittarius New Moon on the 18th of December invites you to plant a seed for an expansive and empowering new vision, and to renew your trust and optimism. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Sagittarius season is when the Sun’s light is at its weakest, leading into the winter solstice, the longest night of the year. As the last of the fire signs, Sagittarius calls forth our inner light, the spiritual fire that keeps our faith alive and sustains us through the dark of winter.

The New Moon activates the Galactic Center (GC), presenting an extra-potent opportunity for rewiring our beliefs, opening up to larger possibilities, and plugging into a significant source of creative power. This is a super massive
black hole a vortex of continuous implosion and expansion, destruction and creation around which the Milky Way revolves. 

Venus is also in Sagittarius, conjunct the New Moon and heading toward the Galactic Center, inspiring a reimagining of the feminine in the collective consciousness. Venus in Sagittarius symbolizes the wild feminine, the primal goddess, expressions that have been suppressed under the patriarchy.

The Sun and Moon also conjoin Saturn at the last degree of Sagittarius, before the Ringed Planet shifts into Capricorn two days after the New Moon. During Saturn’s tour through the Archer, since December 2014, we’ve been forging a new vision for the future, clarifying our truth, and clearing out beliefs that keep us stuck in self-limiting realities. Saturn in earthy Capricorn will be a time for crystallizing our Sagittarian visions into form. This New Moon presents a last-chance opportunity to surrender the beliefs that block our expansion and to identify and empower the visions we want to bring into physical reality.

Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is in watery Scorpio, supporting Chiron in Pisces to feel our full range of feelings. The truth, faith, and higher vision that are available to come through us at this New Moon are sourced in our emotional depths. While Sagittarius tends to bypass harsh realities, coming up with a glass-half-full philosophy to explain away the pain, Scorpio says the only authentic way to get to the light is to go all the way through the dark.

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