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New Moon in Scorpio November 18 2017 - 11/18/2017 6:42:00 AM ~ Power Of Transformation

New Moon in Scorpio November 18 2017

The Scorpio New Moon on the 18th of November gives us the power of regeneration that can be directed to any area where we feel stuck or stagnant. Intimate relationships of all kinds — sexual, emotional, and financial — are especially ripe for renewal. We access Scorpio’s regenerative magic by softening our defenses, sharing our vulnerability, and surrendering our illusion of control.

The Scorpio season is the season of dying, when we’re reminded of our own mortality and the inevitable death of everyone and everything we love and
value. The point isn’t to depress us, but to inspire us to live passionately, with gratitude and appreciation. In the darkness of the Scorpio New Moon, we renew
our commitment to life. As a water sign, Scorpio lives in the feeling realm, and we uncover our core motivation, desire, and truth by delving into our emotional depths. Our truth may not make sense to our ego-mind, and our desires
might take us out of our comfort zone. If what we want doesn’t scare us at least a little, there’s probably not enough juice to motivate us to go after it.

Mars and Pluto, the traditional and modern rulers of Scorpio, are in a tight applying square. Scorpio, Mars, and Pluto are all concerned with power, and this aspect tests us on how we wield power, as well as stirring up issues of
powerlessness. It is interesting to note that amongst other negative aspects, Harvey Weinstein has a strong Mars Square Pluto in his birth chart which through the inability to transform these deep negative energies and desires brought about great abuse of power.

When we feel powerless, we tend to compensate by over-asserting ourselves and getting caught up in competition and struggle. Or we may give up on our desires altogether, re-enacting an old pattern of victimization. When we are in a position of power the easy option is manipulating others, the classic shadow
theme of Scorpio.

Facing our fears to embrace the mystery and act beyond our egoic needs and desires is Scorpio’s path of transformation.

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