• Taking Charge
  • August 27 2022

New Moon in Virgo

A highly tense, cerebral, yet action–orientated New Moon in Virgo occurs on 27 August at 4.17am EDT. The saving grace of this lunation is the earthy energy of this sign, which helps to ground and stabilize the (many!) undertakings we’ll decide to initiate during this time. These may be around typical Virgoan topics, such as health, time management, work, being of service, detoxification, cleansing, wellness and all-round organization, for example.

As with any New Moon, there’s always glimmer of new beginnings, but we have to be cautious. Technically, we can’t see the light of the Moon, and thus, symbolically, we’re still very much in the dark. We may feel somewhat disorientated, yet highly charged up and motivated to do something that feels energizing, something to help us feel like we’re in control and have a plan.

The reason for this is a partile square from La Luna and Sol to Mars in Gemini. Partile means an exact (to the degree) aspect. This lends the configuration extra strength, for better or worse. Mars is in busy, restless and ideas-orientated Gemini, where he’ll be staying until early next year. This is a very long transit for the War God(dess), reflecting a period of high intellectual energy and potentially provocative words. With his square to the New Moon, we might be tempted to act, right this very second, on all of our brilliant ideas, only to find we’ve piled our plates far too high.

Fortunately, what we do have on our side is the discerning, organized energy of Virgo, which should hopefully stop us in our tracks, or at the very least urge us to think before we act. It won’t be easy, because Mars will be pushing, forcing, cajoling. We could be placing a great deal of pressure on ourselves to get everything just right over this New Moon, and mistakes may have us feeling like we are failures, that perhaps we shouldn’t try again. It’s important to move past that, and realize that true success is built of a bridge of failures. That mistakes are something we do and are not reflective of who we are.

Mercury, the ruler of this New Moon, is in balanced, rational Libra, helping this difficult aspect by casting a flowing trine aspect to Mars. The messenger of the Gods has something to communicate to Mars, and that’s to weigh up all sides of the situation and choose the path that lets everyone win. We might have been unaware of the tendency to act on our own personal desires, not always taking into account the needs of others. Mercury, luckily, mitigates this.

Of course, with his wide opposition to Jupiter, again, we will need to be temperate in our speech, ideas and communication. This lends enthusiasm, but it may all be hot air unless we narrow down our options and choose the wisest, and most sensible one. We have quite the task ahead of us during this New Moon, yet there’s also the strong likelihood that we will accomplish everything we set out our minds to. 

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