• Intense Focus
  • September 17 2020

New Moon in Virgo

 On September 17th, the New Moon occurs at 25° of Virgo, a call to direct new intention energies with purpose and discernment. A New Moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle and serves to initiate new beginnings. A path to the future is illuminated as the Moon reflects the light of the Sun. This one in Virgo will be the first of a trio of consecutive Super New Moons, leading to the New Moon Solar Eclipse in December. A Super New Moon is extra energized and serves to pave the path to progress. Clear focus coupled with clarity of purpose aid in aligning with the future path by taking the next right step.

 The Virgo New Moon will be at a 90° angle, creating a perpendicular alignment to the Lunar Nodes. This symbolizes letting go of the past in order to build a new future. This aspect is a challenge to find balance by embracing the spiritual aspect of faith…faith in the unseen future. This is one of the best New Moons to embody a transformation from the past with harmonious trines to Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn, in Capricorn. The Sun also provides stabilizing support with a trine to Saturn. The crumbling of the past represented in Capricorn, which has been taking place all year, is setting the stage for the new paradigm shift to emerge.

  An ideal New Moon intention would be to choose to operate in the higher vibration of the current energies. Mars is currently retrograding through his home sign of Aries and will connect with Chiron, the wondered healer. This creates an energy of agitation and aggression which can also trigger insecurities in the sign of self. By embodying the diligent worker ethics, represented by the Sun in Virgo, we can make this an opportune time of healing. The lunar North Node in Gemini is a reminder to have a hands-on approach to the spiritual wellness path. Implementing a daily practice of Yoga, Tai Chi, or meditation, is an excellent intention to set as well.

 By raising our own vibration, we are working to connect with others in service,  to raise the consciousness of humanity. This Virgo New Moon offers supportive energy in these collaborative efforts. Making a conscious intention to rise above the chaos, anger, and uncertainty sets a vibrational tone of positive possibility. We can tap into the attributes of the Virgo Earth sign by embodying healing within ourselves. Increased awareness of our own physical health is now highlighted. Setting a new intention to nourish ourselves with a clean diet, exercise, and a daily spiritual practice serves to honor our vessel of earthly residence in true Virgo Virgin fashion.

 Purge of Purity Intention: 

*Activate the gut/brain axis with clean eating and physical exercise. Move a muscle, change a thought!

 *Journal to move through emotional blockages. Clear the mind and gain mental/spiritual clarity!

Useful New Moon in Virgo Crystals