Full Moon in Pisces


August began with a Full Moon in objective, humanitarian Aquarius and ends with a compassionate, sensitive Full Moon in Pisces. These two signs, despite their elemental differences, share a common goal – to help, serve and uplift. Socially conscious and kindhearted, these lunations illuminate where we need to practice greater altruism, both towards ourselves and others. Becoming the Boddhisatva’s of our Inner world during this Full Moon is crucial. Developing empathy towards all our Parts is non-negotiable.

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is all about the sweet release of surrendering to the unknown and merging with something bigger, something more Divine. Aquarius has laid the groundwork of serving humanity via its wisdom and knowledge. Now’s the time to let go of all of it, to merge and become One with All That Is. To free-fall in a space of deep trust that we will be caught.

Thus, if we find that doors are closing during this Full Moon – Full Moons are also about release, after all – it’s important that we let them close, with grace. The recovering addict’s adage comes to mind: ‘Universe, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.’

This should be our guiding mantra now. Attachment of all kinds – be they relationship, substance-orientated, habits or other chains that weigh us down – are likely to be removed so that we can breathe again. So that we can fly free and connect to what is really important to us – that which is profoundly spiritual, in every sense of the word.  That which makes our soul come truly alive.

It will take work, make no mistake. Saturn – the karmic taskmaster - is closely conjunct this lunation. He will test us, push us, restrict us. Yet at the same time, Saturn is the planet of responsibility and maturing. In Pisces, he asks us over the next few years to do the very, very hard work of letting go of anything that has captured us in a veil of illusion. He asks that we face our emotions and come to terms with how may have attempted to run away from all that we feel, all that brings us to place of discomfort. He commands us to have better boundaries. He reminds us that, despite the insecurities that will no doubt arise now, we are more than good enough.

We may also learn, over this Full Moon, that feelings are simply that – feelings. They are our inner guidance system, the internal navigation that points us towards what needs to change. Gloominess, apathy – these feelings show us where we need to move, where we aren’t expressing who we truly are. Guilt shows us where we need to do some work, work which also involves forgiveness, both of Self and Other. Anger shows us where our boundaries have been crossed. Denying ourselves the full spectrum of emotions by numbing only delays the healing process. As it’s said -  ‘Feeling is Healing’.

And so, this powerful and potent  Full Moon in Pisces on the very last day of the month is a triple reminder to tap into our vulnerability with courage and commitment. We ‘re called to release escapist mechanisms and addictions so that we can get a true sense of who we are, beneath the walls that we may have bult to protect ourselves. Navigating this Full Moon with the gentle compassion that characterizes this last of the Water signs is the key to becoming whole again.