• Reclaiming your Power
  • April 2022

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

It’s time for the planet of death and rebirth, the planet of destruction and transformation Pluto to begin its yearly Retrograde motion. Starting on 29 April and running until October 8th, 2022 this retrograde is bound to reveal to us themes around career, goal-setting, structure and responsibilities. These are all topics indicated by the sign of Capricorn, where Pluto is currently transiting. Although Pluto will only move two degrees, from 28 to 26 Capricorn, his effects can be felt deep within, like a primal rumbling, urging us toward subtle change and transformation. After all, he is, mythologically, the Lord of the Underworld and thus, of birth, death, change and rebirth.

Pluto, in female form, can be compared to the Tantric Goddess Kali, Goddess of Death, time, Creation, Destruction and Power. She is much like Shiva, who also represents these intense and deep qualities, and her gift is being able to create anew out of the ashes. This planet can also be compared to the mythological Hades, God of the Underworld. Thus, despite Pluto’s’ astronomical size, being the smallest of the planets, he actually packs quite a punch!

When Pluto goes Retrograde, his powers can be weakened, just like any planet in Retrograde. The purpose of Retrogrades is the universe’s way of nudging us to go within and to examine, review and reflect on whatever the planet in question represents.

 With Pluto, it’s a period in which we look at all our shadows and issues around power, control and surrender. It’s a time that we can purge, specifically when it comes to our professional life. Pluto has been in Capricorn for quite some time already, and every year has gone Retrograde – so this is no new lesson to us.

This Pluto retrograde will also reveal to us where we may feel disempowered in our career or life calling, and where we may have not stayed true to our goals. This time forces us to take a step back and study the structures we have built, to carefully think about where we still need to do some deconstruction. What does success mean to us? And how have we pursued this idea of success? Much has been shifted over these past few years, both collectively and personally, when it comes to our professional world. This is the time to take stock.

In many ways, Pluto can be a mirror to the Soul. The unclaimed treasures of our psyche, termed the ‘Shadow’ are ruled by this planet. As this retrograde unfolds over these next five months or so, we are invited to examine that which lies beneath and to accept, own and claim our rejected parts. Only then are we able to become whole.

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