Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 3rd forms not one, but two Astrological patterns known as a ‘T-Square”. The first of these is an opposition formed between the Sun and Moon – typical of a Full Moon – with a square to Saturn. The second is an opposition between Mars and Pluto, with a square to Jupiter. 

Sagittarius is known as a sign of positivity, growth and adventure. Of philosophy and spiritual freedom. Of travel and knowledge. With these two powerful patterns forming in the sky over this Full Moon, there’s a sense that these Sagittarian themes may become somewhat of a cosmic battle. We may find ourselves fighting for our freedom, pushing against limits, navigating insecurity or dealing with exhaustion. T-Squares have the power to reflect major change, but it takes effort and dedication to the journey. And, after all, Sagittarius is about taking a journey – whether that’s an inner or outer experience. Reflecting on our personal journey over the last several months is the key to clarity around what’s currently unfolding. 

Remember, every pattern has a purpose. T-Squares can be very special, as they allow for character building and success – when we put in the work. Seeing as Saturn is at the apex (middle point) of the Full Moon T-Square, this is the energy that will likely be the most obvious and powerful. Saturn is about the work. The discipline. The boundaries we need to create – especially due to the fact that he’s currently traversing boundary-less Pisces. 

There’s a strong spiritual emphasis at this Full Moon. It may be that we need to release outdated belief patterns and old ideologies, however hard that may be. It’s time to step up and reclaim our Inner Guru, rather than continually looking outside of ourselves for guidance. Owning our truth is important. Facing our mistakes, shortcomings and finding forgiveness is even more crucial. Releasing past mistakes and failures from the last few months will help set us free. Accepting our limits is a mark of maturity at this Full Moon. Free-spirited Sagittarius is a sign the struggles to commit, but with Saturn bearing down on us, the responsibilities are unavoidable. Yet, we’ll be rewarded for our acceptance. That is, if we open up to the possibility that this energy may be working for us rather than against us. 

The ruler of this lunation – Jupiter – is the apex, or middle point of the second fixed T-Square. Recently arrived in Taurus, there’s been an expansive energy around this earth sign’s topics – beauty, love, relationship, security and stability. Yet, now that Pluto and Mars are opposing each other, with Jupiter caught in the middle, there’s a power struggle forming. A potentially intense or bullying situation may emerge, which asks us to stand firm and not be pushed, forced or guided into a situation that doesn’t feel right or healthy for us. We may need to overcome stubbornness or inflexibility so that we can find greater flow. We may even need to release the need for absolute control – which is never easy with these fixed energies. 

Our lesson during this dynamic Full Moon is to locate and make peace with the conflicting drives that may arise. To balance faith with logic. To accept that with great freedom, comes great responsibility. The potential for growth at this time is exponential. Yet we have to remember that no major accomplishment comes without growing pains.