Saturn in Aquarius


Saturn enters Aquarius on March 21st, signifying a major shift in collective energies. Saturn has been identified as one of the major influences in the current global Covid-19 pandemic. This was due to the Saturn Conjunct Pluto transit that occurred on January 12th around the time when the news out of China first broke out. 

For this reason, Saturn moving into Aquarius is a very big deal. Aquarius rules groups, society and the collective in general as well as justice, equality and humanitarian assistance. With Saturn in this position we will need to completely overturn our current dynamics to support each other in times of crisis. This will depend a lot on our governments and the major powers in the world supporting those in need at the expense of profit, greed and selfishness. I feel this will difficult in countries that provide little support for its citizens especially the United States as well as other countries that have minimal health facilities and less social security.

These will be trying times for sure, In the airy climate of Aquarius, Saturn turns its slow and steady gaze outward, reordering structures and boundaries in order to make connections, distribute information, and develop innovations.

Some of the ways that Saturn in Aquarius may manifest can be problems, changes or restrictions with social media and technology, an increase in airborne diseases, a crackdown on rebellious behavior, limited freedom, progressive inventions becoming more mainstream, breaking the rules becoming the new norm, and alternative practices becoming more conventional.

Crucially, we need to see what happens when Saturn retrogrades back over the critical degrees that has seen the worst of the outbreak, as well as looking at Jupiter which is following close behind Saturn.

April 4th ~ Jupiter Conjunct Pluto Capricorn

Possibly the most difficult time during this year around the globe, we may see a massive amount of new Covid-19 cases and further limitations or restrictions from the global powers. This energy creates drive and ambition but it can make people greedy, ruthless, extreme, self-righteous and obsessive. It will cause governments and corporations to take extreme measures.

April 11th ~ Mercury in Aries

This may help in terms of reducing the panic, confusion and uncertainty. Swift actions and plans will be instigated, putting extreme restrictions on the movement of people around the globe. More resources will available for assisting people in need.  It is also possible that after this time we may have found a successful vaccine that will help give us a more positive outlook.

May 11th ~ Saturn Retrograde in 1° Aquarius

 We may see the peak of the pandemic around this time and it is more likely that many restrictions and limitations will be start to be reversed or at least reduced significantly, if they haven’t already.

July 1st ~ Saturn Retrograde in 29° Capricorn

This will be the most important time for ensuring a long term resolution to the crisis, this anaretic degree of 29° is quite powerful for both positive and negative influences. Hopefully by this time the pandemic will be over.  Especially as the virus should be contained in many areas at this point. Focus will turn to the economic situation. Finance and businesses will still be struggling but making a comeback and markets should be bottoming out.

September 29th ~ Saturn in 25° Capricorn Turns Direct

September will be an also an important month as Saturn will be within 3 degrees of Pluto again (22°) this could indicate a second wave or a mutation of the virus which if happens could be totally disastrous, as the world economies will be extremely weak at this point. Thankfully, this is the closest Saturn will get to Pluto so a second wave will be unlikely but not out of the question. It comes out of retrograde on the 29th of September.

December 17th ~ Saturn re-enters Aquarius

We will be back to where we were on March 21st when Saturn first entered Aquarius. With Jupiter close by it will most likely be a good sign, people will have already started to help others that may be in financial need, humanitarian efforts will increase dramatically and Jupiter in Aquarius should assist in removing restrictions and other problems we have faced through the year.

December 21st ~ Saturn Conjunct Jupiter 1° Aquarius

The great conjunction of Saturn Conjunct Jupiter ( happens every 12 years ). Since the year 1802 the Saturn and Jupiter conjunctions have been occurring in earth signs.

After the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in December 2020, there will only be conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn in air signs until the year 2159. This is the end of a cycle that started at the beginning of the industrial revolution. While the earth element signifies focus on material security and consolidation of resources that is resistant to change, the new air cycle will bring disruption to established orders and dramatic changes in world perspective, how we communicate and change the way we relate to each other as individuals versus the collective.

With Jupiter also connected to higher education, the combined effect of Saturn and Jupiter transiting Aquarius could help us to establish new schools of thought that will prove beneficial to society in the long term.

Aquarius is also traditionally associated with technology, groups and networks, society, politics, and humanitarianism, so it’s likely that these themes will be challenged and changed dramatically during the transit of Saturn through this sign. The capacity of Saturn in Aquarius to detach from emotional overwhelm in order to analyze the next steps that are necessary for growth can be the source of strength and transformation.

If we can move away from our personal obsessions with money, privilege, security and possessions and focus more on sharing, helping and caring for others in need, the easier Saturn in Aquarius will be. Saturn will be in Aquarius until early 2023. The current pandemic will be quite destructive to society but will be more of a catalyst than anything else. It will bring economies and people to the verge of collapse and bankruptcy, making the world refocus on what is truly important in order for us to move forward in harmony with the planet as opposed to destroying it.