• Evaluation of Goals
  • May 2021

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius

Saturn stations retrograde at 13° of Aquarius on May 23rd, just days after creating a harmonious Air trine to Venus in Gemini. This connection creates an advantageous energy of communication that will be a hugely beneficial element during this heavy transit of Saturn. When Saturn, the Lord of Karma, that governs restrictions, rules and time, retrogrades, it brings the need to accept reality to the surface. The recent harmonious connection to Venus on May 19th, may have served to bring the reality of our values to the surface.

 When In direct motion, Saturn serves as a task master, keeping us on track. When Saturn is in retrograde we are left to our own devices, to be responsible for implementing our own rules, and erecting our own boundaries. The phase can act as a Saturn return of sorts, a way to amplify our mastery of self, if we so choose. There is often a lesson in responsible action to be had. Saturn in Aquarius is in the place of an ancient domicile. Aquarius operates and fuels the higher mind. By performing in accordance with our higher self we aid the collective. This is the way of the Aquarian and the Age we are entering. Saturn is preparing us.

The retrograde may feel like harsh and heavy Saturnian energy at times Especially on the heels of a Sun-Jupiter square, and on the brink of a Total Lunar Eclipse. There may be a need to examine structures of support from the past that no longer serve the future we are erecting. This is a time to lighten the load, and cut loose the responsibilities that are attached to past projects, no longer in alignment with our current values. How can we work smarter, not harder is the viewpoint of Saturn in rapid Air energy, as opposed to the previous dense Earth energy. Saturn will connect with Uranus in the 2nd of three exact squares on the 14th, adding to the sluggish feeling we may be perhaps already experiencing. Shocking information related to rules and restrictions may play out globally, and even as actual Earth events during this time. Allowing more rest into the daily schedule and implementing healthier eating and exercise routines that increase physical and mental stamina would be of benefit during retrograde. Saturn in this situation, understands that recharging is a productive activity, and an essential part of self mastery during this time.

During retrograde, Saturn will trine the Moon, Venus, and the North Node of Destiny. These harmonious aspects will serve to soften the edges of Saturn. Through them, the Universe is telling us that we are emotionally held, lovingly supported, and divinely guided during these heavy times of energetic shift. During this Saturn phase, Pluto is also in retrograde transit through Capricorn, purging the truth of past responsibilities that we must release, to stand in our personal power. Saturn is here to make sure we have the appropriate boundaries for our future, whether that pertains to loosening, strengthening, or creating them. Especially in the areas of our life that Saturn rules in our personal chart. We are encouraged by the many elements at play, to embrace the physiological aspect of healing, progress, and most importantly, personal growth.