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Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 03 2019

This total solar eclipse presents a highly charged New Moon in its home sign, Cancer, relating to home life, parenting, and nurturing — as well as loyalties to other clans or tribes we belong to. Eclipse events often coincide with something or someone being concealed or neglected.  The need to be in a safe community is very important at this Solar Eclipse, as we may be more sensitive to our environment around us. Those touched by this Solar Eclipse and Lunar types will do better in tranquil, suburban areas then frantic city centres.

This New Moon July 2019 Solar eclipse is a fantastic one for creating good karma and healing relationships since Saturn is conjunct the South Node of this moon. Saturn ensures that nothing gets out of hand and everything is in its right place.The solar eclipse with the Moon in Cancer obscuring the Sun, is a time to think harder about what is better for us. Where should we invest energy in new growth? What old habits or relationships are we prepared to let go of? We may not have the time or resources to maintain all the lifelines we can access. Of course the Nodes being so close to the new moon are what turn it into a Solar Eclipse and the closer they are to the moon degree the more total the solar eclipse is.

 Solar Eclipse developments can have a greater impact than normal New Moon events, so there may be issues to handle around households and family changes. Its good to think about the eclipse in terms of signs, planets and their respective seasons. The Moon in its home sign Cancer, is linked with the summer and thriving life. It connects with fertility, motherhood, and the initial giving of life. Capricorn and its ruler Saturn, at the other end of the scale relates to winter, decline and degeneration. These are all key points in natural everchanging cycles. Sometimes it is not completely obvious what is heading towards increase and what is on the wane in our lives. But we may have a keener perception of such developments around this eclipse.

Usually the effect of the eclipse can last up to six months until the time of the next eclipse. This gives us time to clarify which way direction is the best for us. It is worth noting that Saturn remains strongly placed in his native sign of Capricorn and with the close conjunction with the South Node, there is a powerful pull back to the past. We may once again need to address traditional versus modern parenting styles or how we take care of our elderly relatives. Some people may feel the lack of family ties and nurturing, particularly where death or illness have taken their toll.

This may be a time for looking to new sources of connection and emotional and physical sustenance. Others will be trying to build up defenses against an uncertain future whilst Saturn is sextile misty Neptune. If we allow just over the typical 4° orb for a sextile aspect, then we can also take into account a Sun–Moon connection to Uranus. Plus, Uranus in Taurus is conjunct asteroid Vesta, fanning a warming fire! The earthy realms of Taurus remind us of the good things of life and all the comforts and pleasures that cost money.

Solar Eclipse sextile Uranus can bring surprises and opportunities. This is a good solar eclipse to try something new and exciting and you should have enough freedom to do so. You may have flashes of insight or discover new perspectives and ideas from personal interactions. Creativity is stimulated and you should feel comfortable expressing yourself in better ways.There may be reasons to examine more closely where our financial lifelines will remain sound for the future. New or different earning opportunities could also present themselves. With Uranus, only one thing is sure: We cannot take anything for granted!

Saturn sextile Neptune is the strongest aspect in the solar eclipse chart beside the Sun conjunct Moon. It is also the major planetary aspect of 2019 and it can bring growth  from spiritual pursuits. This aspect helps you make your dreams come true with hard work and a sensible, realistic approach. The Sun and Moon are also square Chiron, showing that, although taking steps towards any healing may be hard work, it is perfectly possible to reach that joyful destination.

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