• Realizing Potential
  • December 14 2020

Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius brings expansion, transformation and sudden changes followed by growth. It’s a New Moon, which of course, means new beginning energy, many may feel a strong desire to make changes, possibly make changes to old intentions or goals and revamping them. 

This New Moon will be meeting up with the Moon’s South Node in Sagittarius, the South Node represents our past lives, karmic cycles, energies you carried or have mastered in your past lives, whereas the North Node is more your life mission, where you need to grow, energies you need to master in this lifetime. This New Moon may really bring the opportunity to set new intentions and begin to make the conscious effort to make the shift, to heal and free yourself from the restraints of your past and end old  karmic cycles.

With the Sagittarius energy there will be a strong influence to set ourselves free, to make up our own minds and not let anyone control or decide for us but to finally make decisions that align with what we truly want deep down. Many may feel quite emotional and this is eclipse energy so expect the unexpected, remain open and allow the challenges and changes to be a new path towards growth and transformation.

Take the time to ground your energies, meditate, practice yoga, breathwork or whatever works best for you. Find stability and connect with your soul and your heart centre. Get clarity on what it is that would make your soul happy and fulfilled. The Sagittarius energy will help us to see the bigger picture, for some this energy may really help you to gain a clear vision of the path that will serve your highest good. This energy may really influence you to shift your perspectives on life, a strong desire to expand, consciousness upgrades are likely, as well as developing a more optimistic attitude about life or yourself and your future.

With this New Moon being a Solar Eclipse, the energy is intense, so you’ll want to focus your intentions more internally - like on your personal growth and expansion. The Sagittarius energy may really influence some to focus on expanding their wisdom, consciousness, and spiritual beliefs. To set new goals that will help you to develop areas you feel need developing, to make space for yourself to heal and honour your emotions, to give yourself time to get to know yourself on a deep level, to start doing daily practices to shift your mindset or consciousness, to discover your inner truth and all the wisdom you hold and that is available to you.

This New Moon, open your heart, listen to your heart and begin to make more decisions that come from your heart. Its such a great time to reflect on where you want to expand, how can you be more open and compassionate, where can you be more courageous. It’s time to let go of fears, leave them behind and take that leap of faith into the unknown with full belief in yourself that no matter where you are headed, you will be just fine and exactly where you need to be.

This New Moon Solar eclipse will likely bring major spiritual upgrades and awakenings, and many will be  opening up to understanding new ideas, perspectives and philosophies. It may feel like a major wake up call even, a realization of “why am I living like this?” and feeling a strong urge to make personal and lifestyle shifts. This is also the last New Moon of the year, making it a great time to really reflect back on this past year, how you’ve grown, how much you’ve overcome and healed, and all the challenges that brought important lessons. Use this energy to get clear on what choices you want to make, what path you truly want to take, and what you want to continue to create.

This Solar Eclipse is connected to the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius we had back on June 5th, reflect back on this time - what were you letting go of? What were you bringing to an end to? How much have you changed and shifted since then? Have any of your old cycles or patterns been popping back up again? What new intentions can you set now to help you transform and evolve?