Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius


The New Moon & Total Solar Eclipse will occur at 12° Sagittarius, a fire & mutable sign ruled by Jupiter. This eclipse of the South Node will be marking a cosmic reset and opening a powerful new beginning in an area of our lives as we’ve closed karmic cycles, left behind a path that reached a dead end, released what prevented our growth & expansion, and open up to a new & vast horizon with a renewed sense of mission & purpose. 

This is the last eclipse of the series in the Gemini / Sagittarius axis that began on May 2020 and the last one we will have in this sign until 2029! Thus, this cosmic event initiates a cycle that will last for approximately eight years. 

The luminaries will be right conjunct Mercury, the ruler of the North Node in Gemini, indicating a complete shift in mindset. Thus, confirming that the calling to follow the path of this lunar node (the point of destiny) has been fulfilled. 

This is reinforced with the lunar nodes transiting through the last degree of Gemini & Sagittarius. Hence, they’re ending their journey through these signs, and our respective natal houses because they're concluding their karmic lessons. 

In this new start, we will be rising from the ashes that the South Node (the point of dissolution) dissolved with its blazing fire. Hence, from our past beliefs, perspectives, and aspirations that shaped the path we're leaving.

Therefore, we may feel that our soul path has met a significant shift, as we will be called to head towards another direction, one that's aligned with our renewed sense of purpose and with what we've learned thus far. We will be opening up to an unknown & wider horizon, new experiences, and perspectives as we take the role of the student (Gemini).

The Lord of this Solar Eclipse, Jupiter, will be in the final degrees of Aquarius, another sign ruled by Saturn. Thus, ever since Jupiter entered Capricorn in December 2019, and as reflected by the South Node in Sagittarius, this area of our lives has been meeting endings, loss, or restrictions.

Fortunately, on December 29th, Jupiter will enter its home sign Pisces, indicating that this house of our natal charts will begin meeting expansive experiences, blessings, progress & opportunities as we begin to follow a spiritual (Pisces) path after we faced the endings or made the necessary sacrifices (South Node). The New Moon will also be in a sextile to Saturn, indicating that this is a part of how we're innovating and adapting to a new reality. 

However, as the darkness of the eclipsed Sun, Dark Moon, and combust Mercury symbolize, this new start may feel as it’s yet to transpire.  

Energetically, this eclipse period may feel like a fog on our horizon, asking us to turn within in order to find our truth and the answers we seek, helping us connect with our inner compass, the one that will guide us in the dark misty night as our north clears. 

We may meet the full blossoming and manifestation of this forecast with the Full Moon in Sagittarius of June 14th, 2022.

Content by Kiara Stellar @kiarastellar