Solar Eclipse in Libra


Right in the middle of what’s usually known as the Libran ‘Relationship Season’, Eclipse Season kicks off. This is the second Eclipse Season of 2023, and with both Eclipses ruled by the planet Venus, our connections and bonds are all up for change.

Eclipses are, by nature, not always easy. They require some sort of sacrifice in order to bring their gifts. Everything is amplified, expanded, more intense. For those of us with planets between 20 and 22 degrees of the Cardinal signs – Libra, Aries, Capricorn or Cancer – this is going to be very impactful period. Over the next six months up to two years, powerful shifts are on the cards.

Collectively, this Eclipse is about fine-tuning our relationships, and deciding which ones are working for us, and which ones aren’t. Being a supercharged New Moon, it’s possible that new bonds can be formed, but there’ll be some sort of catch. Nothing comes free during Eclipse Season. Mercury is conjunct this lunation, bringing the energy of diplomacy and compromise, qualities which will go far to help navigate through the trickier moments. Venus, the ruler of this Eclipse, is angled to Saturn in a tense opposition, inviting us to balance give and take, to dig deep, find our true value and ask for what we are worth.

This Eclipse also has an applying square to Pluto, and is in what’s known as the degrees of ‘Via Combusta’ (15 Scorpio – 14 Libra). The square with Pluto is indicative of traumas and wounds coming up to the surface – wounds that have to be faced and healed. Enlisting the help of a relationship mediator, psychologist, or healer may be just what we need to clear the slate and start actively working with our relationship issues. It may also be important to acknowledge any personal or co-created wounds we have with friends, exes, partners or other people, so that we can make some concerted progress.

Yet, with Pluto, there’s the chance that we have to first destroy and purge in order for ay transformation to happen. It’s not a pretty process, but it is the way of nature. It’s always darkest right before the dawn, and facing our shadow will ultimately empower us.

Via Combusta means ‘The Fiery Way’. Mainly used in Horary (question-based) Astrology, this rule can also apply to describing the energy of an Eclipse. This may reflect a time where we feel particularly agitated, and because of this, we need to take some serious time for reflection before we take any sort of action. Libra’s greatest strength – and weakness – is decision -making. Looking at a relationship situation from all angles, in a fair, rational and level-headed manner – are exactly the qualities we need to access, qualities that are readily available.

This Eclipse is also only two degrees away from the Fixed Star Spica, which offers a potential way out of the drama. Spica is one of the ‘luckiest” Stars in terms of Astrology, also named the “Fortunate One”. This brings us all the opportunity to act with dignity, gain the support and help of our friends and initiate artistic or altruistic projects which ultimately give us the gift of success. This is one of the more positive elements of this Eclipse, and tuning into it will help us find our way through this intense and ever-changing period.