• Transforming Fears
  • January 18 2022

True Node in Taurus

From January 2022 we experience a powerful transition of the transiting nodal axis, shifting from Gemini/Sagittarius into Taurus/Scorpio. It will be in this axis until July 2023.

The focus here shifts from scattered energies into emotional intensity. We are moving from mutable excitement, ever changing into fixed energies of consistency and stability.

This may bring relief from what has been rather chaotic deconstructing of old beliefs, patterns and mental structures of the Gemini/ Sag axis over the last year. However this does require a new kind of awareness as we are plunged into the lower vibrational intensities of the scorpionic South Node placement.

With each transition of the nodes into a new axis every 18 months, we are given the opportunity to understand, heal and release old past emotional conditioning from our informative years, that is no longer aligned with our authentic selves. This is represented by the South Node of the moon.

Our north node has to do with our future potential and the energies that we are called to evolve into. Our South node conditioning has come into form and familiarity as patterns which we keep repeating over the journey of our lives. Overcoming this requires going against the patterns. Trying something unfamiliar and new.

When in doubt, explore the house that the North node is moving through as well as understand your natal North Node, as well as planets in your second house in order to move away from the repeating patterns of the south Node.

Scorpio represents powerful regeneration and transformation. It’s a deep intense secretive energy that calls our awareness within. It wants the truth and in so doing, to evolve. On the unhealthy end of the spectrum, Scorpio represents power struggles, illusion, emotional manipulation and fear.

When we are not aligned with our inner power, we seek to control that in others or we allow others to control and manipulate us either directly or energetically.

As we move into Taurus North node, a fixed sign of foundations, structure and stability, where we get to explore our senses and sensuality, especially through our connection with the Earth.

Taurus being ruled by Venus is about a sense of comfort, flow and consistency. Its about a sense of value, and what grounds us and has meaning for us.

What really matters and what we attribute value too. Take little incremental steps forward towards a foundation that you can build anything from. When you know your values, everything evolves from these recognitions and you will be able to detect emotional manipulation and power dynamics

Through the journey of 2022 it is helpful to be aware of upcoming eclipses which are fated turning points that forge us into a new direction leaving behind the old.

The nodal axis guides the moon’s ecliptic path and shows us where the eclipses land

Eclipses 2022

April 30th -Solar  new moon eclipse: Taurus

May 16th – Lunar full moon eclipse: Scorpio

October 25th -Solar new moon eclipse: Scorpio

November 8th – Lunar full moon eclipse: Taurus

Useful True Node in Taurus Crystals