• Buckle Up
  • January 2021

Uranus Direct

The planet Uranus in mythology was one of the original “Sky Gods”, a Titan, and once, even the ruler of the known universe! Quite a title, right? This ancient planet was discovered in 1781 and given the qualities of that time – namely, the chaos and liberation due to the American Revolution.

Hence, Uranus is all about freedom, indolence, unpredictability and instability. It’s the planet of sweeping and rapid changes, of progression and forward movement. It also rules technology and the future and is the modern ruler of Aquarius. Right now, Uranus is in the placid, peaceful sign of Taurus – an uncomfortable place for a revolutionary planet to be! Uranus brings progressiveness and shocking changes to the themes of this sign – namely, financial matters, issues of physical security, the home, commitment in relationships, stability, food production and distribution and agriculture.

Uranus has been Retrograde since August 2020, and now goes Direct on January 14th. There’s been much confusion and unpredictable change to these Taurean issues. But, from January, we can expect quick, progressive movement, and changes when it comes to digital currencies, homing, general security and so on.  Things will be moving very fast!

A few days after Uranus turns Direct it squares bounteous and expansive Jupiter, planet of luck, growth and sometimes, excess. This is the only square that these two planets will meet in, unlike the Saturn-Uranus square, which happens a few times over the course of 2021, as well as 2022!

We may see sudden and abrupt rebellions and demands for freedom, personally and collectively with this Jupiter-Uranus square, and an unwillingness to conform or follow the rules. In fact, we might be a little reckless! Soon after, on January 20th, Mars and Uranus meet in a conjunction in Taurus, which only adds fuel to the fire! Mars is the planet of action, and when he meets with Uranus in this way, the results are explosive! Sudden financial changes, quitting a job, pushing against the way things are done are all themes we can look for over this chaotic time.

However, what we need to remember is that Uranus, whilst unsettling and crazy, does bring a sense of liberation from all the things that tie us down. It’s a good idea for us to keep this in mind, lest we get caught up in Uranus-anxiety.

 Towards the end of the month, January 26th, Uranus and the Sun square each other, and this, too, has us demanding our freedom, and refusing to conform or toe the line – sometimes even to our own detriment. Are we kicking up a fuss simply because we can? Are we rebels with a cause - or without one? This is an important question to ask as February brings along economic, world shifts with the series of Saturn-Uranus squares.

One thing is certain and that is change. With Uranus Direct, things can happen, quickly, and often, what we least expect. Even well-seasoned Astrologers know to never try and nail down what Uranus is going to bring. Instead, we set intentions to be flexible, open and ready for the future - and willing to change with the times!