• Liberation from the physical
  • August 2021

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

It’s time for Uranus, the mythological Sky God, to go retrograde. Beginning on August the 19th and continuing until January 18th, 2022, this 4-month period will invite us all to process the shifts and changes that have happened in our material and physical world over the last while.

The first few days of his retrograde can be very exciting, with the alignment of Uranus to Mercury and Mars. We may come up with innovative plans to put into action almost immediately, especially career related plans.

Uranus retrograde will most affect those of us with important planets or points between 14 and 10 degrees of the fixed signs – Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius - especially if the Sun, Moon or Rising sign are found here. However, all of us can feel the slowing of the rebel planet, and with Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto also Retrograde, it does make for a slow, even frustrating season for most of us over the next few months.

Retrogrades are here to teach us a lesson – they don’t happen by chance, and they speak of a time in life where it’s important to process and integrate whatever the planet is all about. This integration is essential for us to move forward once the planet goes direct again.

With Uranus in materially-focused Taurus, there’s been enormous and unprecedented changes in Taurus-related areas, such as finances, physical security, relationships, food production and distribution and our relationship to the earth in general. With the pandemic, we’ve all been pushed, one way or the other, to make shifts in how we eat, how we shop, how we indulge, how we relate and how we affect the planet we live on. We can no longer be unconscious of the effects our habits have on our own bodies as well as on the body of mother earth.

This change-making planet has been reflecting all sorts of chaos in our physical lives lately. And, with his disruptive squares to Saturn over the course of the year, we’ve had to shake up our physical foundations and restructure what we used to think was secure, in one way or another.

Naturally there’s been anxiety and stress, as Taurus is not a sign comfortable with change. However, with these changes has come immense freedom and liberation for a great many of us, freedom from being negatively attached to a lifestyle we could no longer afford, for example, financially or otherwise.

As Uranus retrogrades, it’s time to take stock and see what else we may need to liberate ourselves from. Perhaps a toxic job, a bad relationship or a home that’s become stagnant. It’s time to review our relationship to nourishment and food, to decide what really feeds us and makes us feel healthy and whole. Whilst these five planets are retrograde, (at least until October when a few become direct again) we need to get comfortable with uncertainty and abrupt change. Things won’t move very fast in the external world, but our internal world can blossom in this reflective state.

A few things we can practically do during Uranus Retrograde is budget, relook at our spending, earning and saving habits, research places to set down roots, find greater freedom in our relationships and develop new and exciting physical routines. In January, once we’ve made our plans and done the homework, we can get all systems going again and move forward with greater clarity.  

We need to keep in mind that Uranus is the Great Liberator, so no matter how much we may try and hold onto the old ways and habits, we need to relinquish control and be open to the changes that the universe wants to gift us with.

Content by Margarita Celeste