Venus Retrograde in Leo


For the first time since 2015, Venus – otherwise known as the mythological Inanna or Aphrodite, Goddess of Love - is going retrograde in fiery Leo. Starting on July 22nd and ending September 3rd between 12- 28 degrees of this sign, her journey takes us deep into the netherworld of relationships during the forty days and forty nights of her backwards dance.

This planet of love, relating, values and beauty only goes retrograde every eighteen months, returning to the same sign every eight years. This eight-year period is significant. It aligns with the almost-eight-year cycle of Saturn, bringing about important changes in our connections. Yet, when any planet is retrograde, there is a cosmic calling to stay our hand from action, lest we make a mistake and have to re-write the story once said planet has gone direct.

Retrogrades are always an opportunity to reflect. To rework, to revisit. Venus retrograde in particular is when people – especially exes – tend to pop up out of the woodwork, challenging and testing our resolve. After all, they are exes for a reason, no? It’s ever so tempting to dance with the devil – metaphorically speaking – when Venus is retrograde. To see if that relationship really was what we wanted and may want again. Yet, the lesson may be more along the lines of finally closing a door and coming to terms with what was. To learn. To accept. To forgive. And mostly, to love oneself. After all, that’s what Leo is all about. This sign rules the heart, and this is right where the healing happens. To heal, we must feel.

Venus retrograde in Leo may also bring up some of the shadow qualities of this sign – namely self-absorption, pride and, dare we say it, a diva-like, dramatic – even slightly narcissistic - attitude. Leo is grand, ferocious, indulgent. Leo detests being ignored and will not hesitate to kick up quite the fuss when spurned. In any situation, it’s essential to ask ourselves if we may be acting out of turn. If our inner child is throwing a tantrum, or if we genuinely feel a lack of love.


If the latter, we need to turn towards ourselves. We are urged to shower ourselves with love, with adoration, with care. Looking for validation outside will only make us want more. It’ll also be essential to review our relationship with creativity and with what gives us a sense of self expression, of authenticity. We may hesitate to shine our light whilst Venus retrogrades in Leo, but if we take that step back, we’ll be more than ready to step back out int the world and demonstrate just what we’re made of – once retrograde is over.

Venus comes into contact with Uranus three times during her travels in Leo. She also connects with Jupiter thrice. Between June 11th and September 29th, her tricky squares to these planets indicate sudden twists and turns of events in love and money, and possibly excess or wastage, too. Venus retrograde in Leo can go too far, too fast. She overestimates herself. Thus, scaling back and reminding ourselves that we don’t have to act right away is the golden key to making it through this transit. Any financial venture or relationship begun (or ended) needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. Because, once Venus emerges out of the underworld, she shines. Triumphant, brilliantly luminous, self-assured, and royal, she reminds us just how strong we truly are.