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Third Eye Chakra


When we talk about the 7 chakras we should always keep in mind the scheme of our microcosm. Today every spiritual seeker knows that there are seven main chakras - also described as energy centers or wheels of light - but little is known about their deeper spiritual and metaphysical significance. An important point that needs to be understood is that the very same energy vibrates on all of these seven energy levels. However, when this energy reaches the energy centers, it is being transformed accordingly, so that different qualities of that particular wheel of light are attained

Third Eye Chakra

Unlike the previous five, the sixth energy center – The Third Eye Chakra (Ajna chakra) – is not connected to the spinal cord. Ajna (also called by some Third Eye Chakra) is situated between the eyebrows and it has two main petals, or two primary fields of energy. One of them is of pink-red color with intense yellow hues, whereas the other is purple-blue.

The sixth energy center is the seat of altruistic feelings, in particular it is a center of love, will and intelligence in their highest aspects. Here, you can develop understanding of the more subtle nuances of compassion, tenderness, patience, sacrifice, tolerance, meditativeness, gentleness, self-sacrifice, strength, generosity, dignity,

People who succeed in mastering this energy center never fall down to a lower level. They have their karma absolved and their evil deeds forgiven. They possess the knowledge of the first six energy centers combined – they see and they know.

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