Psyche Conjunct Moon ~ Composite Aspects

Psyche Conjunct Moon ~ Composite Aspects

"I embrace my innate ability to guide others through their personal transformations, by offering authenticity, honesty, and integrity in all that I do."

Psyche Conjunct Moon Opportunities

Guiding others through experiences
Embracing personal ritual and ceremony

Psyche Conjunct Moon Goals

Reflecting on personal authenticity
Embracing life's sensory experiences

Psyche Conjunct Moon Meaning

When Psyche and the Moon, two aspects of the divine feminine, interact with each other this can create depth in someone. With these two archetypes connected, you are a person who innately understands receptivity, being able to feel through experiences, as well as understanding natural cycles of human life. You may find that you can actually guide others through their personal full moons and new moons. This demands honesty with yourself and others, as the moon can sometimes indicate where we go unconscious, which is where the shadow of Psyche comes out, which can look like jealousy or fixation.

The ease with which you see through people is almost a little eerie, for you and for them. You never have the ability to lie to yourself emotionally and this close conjunction of Psyche and the Moon forces authenticity, honesty and integrity in your process, always. The danger here is to ruminate over your life, your past, your emotions, for far too long and to allow life to pass you by in the meantime. There are ways around this through the sensory experience as well as personal ritual and ceremony.

Psyche Conjunct Moon Keywords

Emotional Bond
Deep Connection
Inner World

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