Psyche Sextile Venus ~ Composite Aspects

Psyche Sextile Venus ~ Composite Aspects

"I am a radiant beacon, effortlessly attracting beauty and embracing my divine feminine power, regardless of any competition or envy."

Psyche Sextile Venus Opportunities

Embracing your feminine beauty
Attracting abundance effortlessly

Psyche Sextile Venus Goals

Overcoming competition and envy
Reflecting on divine beauty

Psyche Sextile Venus Meaning

When the archetypes of Psyche and Venus combine, the volume dial on the beauty in life becomes much louder. The abilities to manifest, magnetize and receive are amplified with some of the sweetest experiences that life has to offer available. Lovely themes of finding and recollecting your divinity come up with Psyche, however, there is a series of initiations or challenges may have to do with competition, jealousy and relationships, especially with women, as Venus became intensely envious of Psyche and gave her four challenging trials. After this, she set her son on Psyche, who ended up being her one true love, and Psyche attained goddess status in the end.

This positive aspect endows you with a gift of feminine beauty. This allows you to attract what you need to in life without having to do too much and recognizing with ease the beauty all around you. You are likely quite drawn towards music, the arts and excel with careers in communication and counseling, handling yourself with diplomacy and grace. The downside to this is shining brightly and attracting people, specifically women with Venus, to compete with you in envy. Don’t pay it any mind.

Psyche Sextile Venus Keywords

Emotional Bond
Creative Expression
Mutual Understanding
Artistic Sensitivity
Emotional Growth
Relationship Balance
Inner Beauty

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