Psyche Square Mars ~ Composite Aspects

Psyche Square Mars ~ Composite Aspects

"I am capable of embracing life's challenges with a balanced mind, heart, and soul, making conscious choices that align with my true purpose."

Psyche Square Mars Opportunities

Balancing logic and action
Learning from life's tests

Psyche Square Mars Goals

Balancing logic and feelings
Being aware of motives

Psyche Square Mars Meaning

When a pairing of soul-abiding human-turned-goddess Psyche and Mars. the God of War occurs, Mars can function like an irritant or an agitator. Sometimes, we need to be slapped awake to the true nature of our soul and reality, and this can happen gently or not, and to different degrees depending on the aspect. Mars will light a fire under you and will impose a need to act on what you feel in your spirit and overcome challenges to do so.

With Psyche Square Mars, you may encounter situations in your life that test you. The test is all about balancing logic, wisdom, feelings and action to make the best choices on your path, though the path is laden with twists and turns that seem great, but may not be what they seem. You need these lessons to learn how to operate in cooperation with your soul and mind, being aware of what isn’t good for you. Be mindful of your motives behind your action.

Psyche Square Mars Keywords

Power struggles
Sexual tension
Deep connection

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