The first historical references to the use of crystals come from ancient the Ancient Sumerians, who included crystals in magic formulas. The Ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, emerald and clear quartz in their jewellery. They also carved grave amulets of the same gems. The Ancient Egyptians used stones primarily for protection and health

Although no longer in use medicinally, gemstones continued to hold meaning. Until recently, jet was popularly worn by those in mourning, and garnet was often worn in times of war. There is a tradition in a local family here in southwest England: every female descendent wears an antique moonstone necklace for her wedding, which has been in the family for generations. It was only recently that one family member realised this was a fertility symbol.

In the 1980s, with the advent of the New Age culture, the use of crystals and gemstones began to re-emerge as a healing method. Much of the practise was drawn from old traditions, with more information gained by experimentation and channelling


Moldavite, a captivating crystal born from the fusion of earthly and extraterrestrial forces, holds within it the power of karmic and soul transformation. Like a cosmic time-traveler, it guides you on a journey to explore your past, rekindling the dormant wisdom and purpose of your soul. In the same breath, it beckons you towards the future, granting access to the knowledge and experiences necessary for your spiritual evolution.

Caution is advised, however, for those who are sensitive to the potent vibrations of crystals. Moldavite's intensity can be overwhelming, so it is wise to approach it with moderation until you have built the resilience to handle its energy. As you gradually acclimate to its power, Moldavite becomes a potent catalyst, directing your attention towards the root cause of dis-ease within your being, rather than focusing solely on surface-level healing.

Imagine Moldavite as a magnifying glass, illuminating the hidden patterns and imbalances that manifest as physical or emotional ailments. It encourages you to delve deeper, to understand the interconnectedness of your thoughts, emotions, and actions, in order to unravel the intricacies of your personal well-being. By embracing this awareness, Moldavite guides you towards lasting transformation and growth that stems from within.

Reflect on this: How might your journey with Moldavite invite you to take a more holistic approach to healing? In what ways can you embrace its power to explore the root causes of dis-ease within yourself, rather than seeking only surface-level remedies?