• From Conflict to Empowerment

Ceres Square Moon

Ceres Square Moon

With Ceres square to the Moon, there can be waves of emotional instability linked to unmet or unrealized nurturing needs. In some instances, struggling to emotionally connect with the mother or primary caregiver can be a central theme.

There is conflict inherently woven into the relationship between emotional responses and the need for care and nurturing.

This aspect can produce feelings of resentment toward those being cared for. This can be especially true if early needs were never met.

On the other hand, patterns of codependency can result from the struggle to care for self and others simultaneously. Exercises in self-awareness are therefore crucial.

It is important to learn how to feed yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually. When you become in tune with your deepest needs, you can empower yourself to grow into alignment both personally and in the context of your relationships.

There must be acknowledgment for past pain related to nurturance or a lack thereof. When these wounds feel truly seen, they become portals of deeper compassion and emotional depth.

This aspect speaks to emotional conflict; however, it is in this type of conflict that true change and transformation become possible. Finding your own sense of spiritual meaning in your journey of emotional healing is certainly within reach.

The main challenge here is to learn how to integrate two conflicting parts of your personality: your emotional world and your spiritual experiences of rebirth.

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