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Lilith Conjunct Mars

Lilith Conjunct Mars

You will find that you may feel more connected by seemingly unseen forces that may propel you to push through any barriers that stand in your way.

You may display your emotions in a raw and unfiltered way to the public.

You need to feel like you have a strong sense of autonomy and are much more sensitive to external forces that may try to inhibit you in any way. The beauty of this placement is that you innately know that you are a co-creator of your world.

You have the gift of leadership and will often attract opportunities that require you to take the head seat at the table.

One of the main challenges for this placement, is to temper your anger, however you can manage this by transmuting these energies with high impact sport or through creative mediums. When you become conscious of any buried resentments, you’re able to regain your power and use this for your creative endeavors. 

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