• The Activist

Lilith Conjunct Mercury

Lilith Conjunct Mercury

The placement of Mercury conjunct Black Moon Lilith in your natal chart might turn you into an activist or a revolutionary who fights against tyranny and indecency with the power of his influential words. Oscillating with the vibrations of the planet of communication, expression, and action, you are well aware of your ability to use your words.

You know to let others know when they cross the line. You are not someone who will silently face oppression and injustice. You know to give and get respect. As someone who does try to sabotage others' rights and privacy, you expect the same in return. Your intellect and communication skills are your weapons to outmaneuver your opponents.

You do not speak or write to intimidate others but to reach their hearts and gauge their attention. When Mercury conjuncts Black Moon Lilith in a natal chart, it gives birth to highly intellectual and creative minds who can become expert teachers and revolutionary writers in the future. Your photographic memory makes you learn through unique and unorthodox ways.

Mercury conjunct Lilith in a natal chart can be summed up as a beautiful tragedy that brings the fantastic combination of your civil and well-mannered behavior with your impulsive and straightforward nature.

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