• Overcoming hidden fears

Lilith Conjunct Saturn

Lilith Conjunct Saturn

The placement of Saturn conjunct Lilith in your birth chart reveals the themes of patriarchy, order, and structure in a dramatic manner. With this aspect, you must prepare well to deal with the threats of descending to the vortex of hidden fears, phobias, and insecurities. It also implies the decomposition of your karmic habits. Saturn conjunct Lilith is the lost dangerous karmic position that suggests awaiting brutality, cruelty and dark obsessions.

The association of Saturn with the Lilith at conjunct makes your karma heavy and compelling. If you utilize your soft skills to establish long-term profitable liaisons with people, it can help you make Lilith work in your favour. Empower yourself to avoid falling into the trap of social non-conformity. Humans are unique, and no one can accurately predict their behaviour and actions.

Try to comprehend the underlying dynamics behind personalities to take advantage of the planetary alliance to steer growth and evolution. You have to tame your uncontrolled and intuitive side to lay a firm foundation that can support your life purposes in the long run. Being a sexually charged person, you might have difficulty adjusting to this aspect of your personality.  But in the end, all these conflicts make you outshine among others and brings forward an incredibly passionate person.

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