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Lilith Square Mars

Lilith Square Mars

You may feel as though you always feel like you have to assert your power, so that others know not to cross the line with you. You may also feel extra sensitive when others have an opinion regarding your life direction.

Lilith Square Mars increases the need to assert one’s ego. Mars is the God of war and aims to bulldoze any obstacle that is blocking its course. Lilith can add an antagonizing energy to Mars and may want to sideline Mars’ ambitions. Lilith can fight for power and dominance, and in a square aspect it can attempt to control the actions of Mars. Mars and Lilith are two forces that influence our most primal natures.

 Our primal nature includes our libido, anger, hunger and fear. Under this influence, there could be themes of irrational behaviors regarding feeling overpowered and asserting one’s boundaries. 

Subconsciously, you may feel as though you have to overperform to receive recognition from others. Additionally, you may be prone to make abrupt decisions based on your primal impulses at the time. This can lead you into waters that can be dangerous. It’s important to understand that you have a potent inner wild, that needs to be integrated into conscious awareness. Adrenaline-based activities can help you transmute these energies.  

Key themes of this aspect also include feelings of inadequacy when navigating the world. You may feel as though other people wield power over you, that can make you feel disempowered. Additionally, you may have conflict with your sense of belonging in your environment. 

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