• Having Rebellious Views

Lilith Trine Mercury

Lilith Trine Mercury

The placement of this aspect in your natal chart boosts literary abilities. It is the aspect of excellent public speakers who excel at mesmerizing people with exciting phrases and a vast vocabulary. Stubbornness also comes with Mercury trine Lilith, but it does not make you resist logical reasoning and change your opinions if you are wrong.

Your mind and intuition work closely to make you choose the right path and words always. Your intellect triggers your instincts and rebellious nature. Your intellectual pursuits and idealistic views chiefly contribute to your interest in sexuality and addressing deep-rooted emotions.

The influences of Mercury and the black moon make you curious about solving problems and learning in unique ways. Trine proves a harmonious aspect for you and helps you to highlight your individuality through words and ideas. This natal aspect shapes your social understanding and refines your mental and verbal exchanges.

Lilith leads you to unravel the truth by embracing the intuitive knowledge of the grand universe. Your introspective nature allows you to analyze and comprehend social stigmas and standards logically before reaching any conclusions. Once you understand things, you can reshape ideas and structures accordingly.

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