Natal North Node Square Midheaven ~

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North Node Square Midheaven Planet-Aspects

Natal North Node Square Midheaven ~

North Node Square Midheaven

The Moon's Nodes are related to the subconscious, the domain of the Moon. Thus, the South Node represents subconscious motivations that stem from the past and to which there is an inner inclination to cling although they may no longer be relevant or appropriate to the individual's situation and prospects, while the North Node represents conscious motivations relevant to the present and future, characterised by a desire for the unfoldment of appropriate changes in personal psychology.

Some people within astrology consider squares to the lunar nodes as “skipped steps” lessons you struggled to complete in a past life and are now forced to address in this life with heavier karmic debt. With nodal squares, there can be these frustrating or even painful repeated themes that are continuously brought up in your life, to nudge you to fulfill your karmic lessons in this life since you failed to do so in the past (South Node).

 With North Node square the Midheaven  Success and monetary gain come through your domestic life. You always have a roof over your head, however temporary. You benefit through your parents and other family members. The timing of events in your domestic life with current social events brings good fortune, especially in your later years. However, misfortune comes through blocked professional interests as you rarely get the recognition you sometimes deserve due to lack of poor timing. Societal restrictions or expectations may lead you into a career which brings you no fulfillment, yet you would rather go along with the flow than try to find something else. This may lead to problems with co-workers or employers since your self-expression is so constricted at work.

Your karmic path is may not be aligned with your ambitions, it is suggested that in a prior life that these people received plenty of recognition for your efforts or perhaps you attained power through inheritance or manipulation.  You may have been in positions of authority where others would have helped you achieve great things or notorious things, much depends on the aspects to this position. 

There is often a need to develop a sense of humbleness as well as a modest attitude where you will put emphasis on the home and family rather than making a name for yourself.  You may have to take a humble stance in the material world and leave behind their need for recognition and achievement.  You will be drawn too working within the family and home environment, developing yourself on a deep emotional level, which is quite different from your previous existence.

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