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Sun Conjunct Pluto

Sun Aspects

The sun represents our vitality and our conscious ego, the self and its expression. It establishes our will to live and our creative force. It is associated with spontaneity and health. A well aspected Sun will describe a person who has heart, who cares for others both in general, and at the personal level. A poorly aspected Sun will describe a person who either has much more difficulty accessing this love and caring ability. In your chart the position of the sign represents your life purpose and style in which your make your mark in the world.

Sun Conjunct Pluto

Your ambitions and desires will be highly influenced by your natal Sun sign, and these can be achieved by applying the Pluto energy to amplify your solar will power. Pluto offers the potential of regeneration and rebirth, which is also reflected in the pattern of solar myths, so you should be able to transform yourself and also to some degree your immediate environment to match your purpose.
You find it difficult to be balanced, especially in tolerating and understanding the frailties of humanity. You can probably adopt a fairly hardline philosophy, having the opinion that people can change their lives and be self-sufficient if they want to, instead of being weak and relying upon others, although you tend to resist change yourself.
You may use manipulation and psychological pressure tactics as levers to guarantee winning in the midst of any power struggles with others; your one-pointed ruthlessness can bring apparent success but may also bring an increasing number of 'enemies' in its wake.
Much of your energy will carry a sexual potency, and, irrespective of your physical sex, will have a penetrative quality to it and an aggressive masculine nature. Emotional understanding is likely to be a weak spot until certain transformations have occurred within you to break down self-preoccupation. you can also strongly react to social injustices and may be attracted towards the alleviation of social problems.
Movement in this direction is dependent upon the degree to which you become aware of the needs of others, and a corresponding diminution of your own need for power and success. The key issue is whether you are self-oriented or other-oriented.

Useful Sun Conjunct Pluto Crystals