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Sun Opposition Mars

Sun Aspects

The sun represents our vitality and our conscious ego, the self and its expression. It establishes our will to live and our creative force. It is associated with spontaneity and health. A well aspected Sun will describe a person who has heart, who cares for others both in general, and at the personal level. A poorly aspected Sun will describe a person who either has much more difficulty accessing this love and caring ability. In your chart the position of the sign represents your life purpose and style in which your make your mark in the world.

Sun Opposition Mars

You see life as a challenge, a fight for supremacy between you and the world. You adopt this combative and assertive stance in an attempt to prove your self-worth. Underlying this attitude is a clashing of inner energies, which are projected out as shadow-adversaries onto the external world, so that arguments, dissention and conflict often seem to follow in your footsteps.
There is little tranquility in your world. It becomes more of a battlefield where you believe you can win your spurs by proving your capabilities. You are fired on by a competitive spirit, intending to win and be number one, although the quality of your aggressive vibration tends to attract similar people into your life, and this can result in power struggles in both work and domestic environments.
Applying extra force may leave you in a position of superiority yet can also increase the number of adversaries that you leave in your wake. Your genuine friendships will end up being quite few if you continuously act in this manner.
You have a powerful desiring nature, and you easily become fixated on attaining these desires, whether they be lovers or positions of executive status, even if your energies are focused only temporarily in such specific directions. These desires can reflect the themes of the houses and signs of Mars and the Sun, and often contain the issues that you feel most combative about.
There can be an aura of 'danger' surrounding you, possibly with a sexual magnetism and aggressive power that some can find extremely attractive, although this energy can overflow through displays of irascible temper and potential violence if uncontrolled.
You are very physically responsive and have a developed visual and sensual appreciation of life. You may have to ensure that your desires do not become compulsive or obsessive in nature. In relationships, you may lack sensitivity to others' feelings and needs, and it would do you well to transform expectations of a partner so they are a bit more realistic, which is much preferable to them providing fuel for later disillusionment.
A wise choice of partner is required, otherwise your domestic life could become volatile and traumatic. A partner who evokes your higher nature and qualities is probably more ideal than one who just stimulates your passionate and vigorous nature. Finding a suitable companion, one who is strong enough to not allow you to dominate, would probably help in modifying your attitude towards life.
A danger can lie in a tendency to make spur-of-the-moment decisions and take impulsive actions, and then regret them later. It may be that experience eventually influences you to make changes in your style of expression, but this may not occur until later in life. Hopefully there will come a point when you lessen that driving feeling of insecurity and lack of worth, so that you can recognize your real value and potential.
Once that self-imposed pressure to challenge and compete has diminished, and acknowledgement of your performance has been achieved, new life directions will open before you. When this occurs, take the opportunity to dismantle your combative attitudes by broadening your world view beyond those limiting tendencies to perceive life in stark black-and-white distinctions. This could develop to include involvements with social causes and pressure groups, where your partisan approach and abundant energies could be put to positive use, providing that you can maintain a balanced perspective on your beliefs and attitudes, and avoid forceful proselytizing or fanatical expression.

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