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Burdened By Responsibility
Venus Square Saturn

Venus Aspects

Venus represents our feminine or sensual nature. It rules over two areas of life : love and money. Venus rules our sentiments, what we value and pleasure including grace and charm. Venus rules the arts, love and romance, beauty entertainment and comfort. We look to venus in your chart to identify how we approach our relationships whether through security, conquest or adventure and what things in life bring you most pleasure

Venus Square Saturn

Venus Square Saturn in your Natal chart is similar to the opposition in the sense that you have great difficulty in expressing your true emotions to others. The biggest challenge with this aspect will be in your personal relationships. You may have a serious and responsible personality, but this can cause you to become involved in relationship based around security or duty rather than love. Learning to love yourself is one of the keys to better relationships, perhaps as a child you were not given the love you felt you needed, it may have been materially comfortable and secure however and this become your source of identification on what a relationship should be. Perhaps due to painful separations in your early life, you are very cautious about becoming close to people and sharing your feelings. Though you crave love and affection, intimacy is difficult for you. This pattern needs to be transformed into one where emotions and vulnerability what you seek from your relationships. In order to do this, more work has to be done on expressing yourself and not repressing any emotions or hiding your true feelings from others. The more you are able to be open with your emotions with yourself and others the more success you will have within relationships learn to loosen up and relax. Know that you may be oversensitive to rejection and try to gain some perspective when you feel your love is not being returned to your satisfaction. Saturn positions often get better with age, experience, and practice.
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