Ceres in 8th House ~ Planets in Houses

Ceres in 8th House ~ Planets in Houses


Ceres in 8th House

The eighth house represents deep emotional intimacy, and for Ceres to feel nurtured, intense bonding with others is necessary. Anything that operates on the surface level, whether it be something like a friendship or a job, will likely be rejected as not worthwhile.

Ceres can offer enhanced experiences of psychological death and rebirth. The most intimate relationships serve as healing portals to gain fresh awareness and be reborn into a new level of consciousness.

Sexuality is connected to the nurturing principle here, and when entered into consciously, sex can be used as a means of healing past pain, especially related to abandonment and rejection.

Working in fields that involve the acknowledgment and healing of deep suffering can be a way to channel this Ceres placement. Ceres governs death rituals and has the ability to tenderly care for the sick and dying, since death is the precursor to rebirth.

The ability to penetrate beneath the surface and tap into the unconscious pain of others is pronounced with this placement. Your nurturing instinct is connected to your own pain, as this helps you recognize it in another.

Using your intuition to heal and nurture other people is a natural gift.

There is great therapeutic benefit in creating your own unique expression of sexuality and finding intimate partners who can reciprocate your level of intensity.

You can find fulfillment in professions that help others deal with issues of grief and spirituality. Careers in psychology, hospice, therapy and astrology may help you channel Ceres’ energy.


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