Mercury in 4th House ~ Planets in Houses

Mercury in 4th House ~ Planets in Houses


Mercury in 4th House

With Mercury in the Fourth House, you tend to be studious with literary interests. You like to study at home, and out in the world you’re rarely without additional intellectual stimulation coming through ear pods or a screen.
You have a need for constant stimulation, as it makes you feel alive and connected to the world beyond your immediate surroundings. But it can also make you high strung, and so it’s important to give your mind time and space to process all that it’s taking in.
Nothing and nobody can stay on high alert all the time. Connecting with nature would help your mind unwind and would resonate well with your sensitive nature.
Family is important to you, and you love learning about your family history, and all the trials and tribulations that have made the people that made you. As you have quite a domestically focused personality, you crave a house and a workplace you can call home. However, your restlessness leads you to change residences and jobs frequently.
Balancing these contradictory tendencies will be a key to your happiness. Create places in your home with specific functions, like a study area or a place to hang out with friends.
Then make them special.
Make them a joy to spend time in, totally unique and reflective of who you are. Then the restlessness will be tamed.

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