Moon in 2nd House ~ Planets in Houses

Moon in 2nd House ~ Planets in Houses


Moon in 2nd House

With the Moon in the Second House, your feeling of general well-being is strongly dependent on material comforts, and so a stable home life and material possessions are what is most important to you. You identify strongly with what you own, and what you own reflects your identity.
Although you are practical, you have strongly developed emotional awareness. You mainly channel it, however, into the drive for financial and domestic security.
Your feeling, instinctive nature longs to play in fields of deeper expression. Finding ways to give it those spaces is the path to further emotional growth.
You’re a straight talker and like to get to the point, and you like when other people do so too. The corollary is that you’re not comfortable with ambiguity.
However, all the deepest enigmas of life present themselves to us in ambiguous mysteries. It’s worth challenging your affinity for the clear and straightforward, and bringing a little paradox into your life.
Try, from time to time, to entertain in your mind simultaneously, two contradictory ideas about the same thing. You'll feel a little discomfort at first, but if you stick with it the contradiction will resolve itself on a higher level
Your day-to-day response to circumstance is strongly conditioned by practical financial considerations, but growth beyond that is possible. The stable home life you crave can be one filled with joy and fun.

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