Part of Fortune in 12th House ~ Planets in Houses

Part of Fortune in 12th House ~ Planets in Houses


Part of Fortune in 12th House

In the twelfth house, the Part of Fortune brings themes of a spiritual and psychological nature as it's the area that rules the subconscious, mental health, isolation, confinement and spirituality.

This position indicates that you may meet good fortune and prosperity when you begin to follow a spiritual path. You may also have an advantage when it comes to having positive experiences in this area of your life.

However, learning to connect with your spirit, being generous and compassionate with others, and having faith in the divine is what will unlock the potential of this placement.

This auspicious position highlights that you find fulfillment, true happiness and satisfaction when you follow a spiritual path and connect with a higher purpose.

Having a strong faith is the key to this placement as that's what will lead you to being successful in many areas of life, as well as to having a healthy and strong mental health.

However, you may not be that interested in gaining material prosperity, as you're more concerned in becoming rich in spirit and in knowledge. Like the hermit, you may enjoy your alone and introspective time.

You may also be incredibly gifted with psychic abilities, as the doors to your subconscious mind and the spiritual world are easily accessible to you.

Lastly, you may be very empathic and this will lead you to become generous and compassionate. In return, this will allow abundance to flow back to you.


The challenge with this placement is learning to balance the focus you give to your spirituality with the one you give to your material purpose. You came here to have a terrestrial experience, so it’s important to also be rooted in the earthly realm.

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