Vesta in 5th House ~ Planets in Houses

Vesta in 5th House ~ Planets in Houses


Vesta in 5th House

When asteroid Vesta, the guardian of the eternal flame, is in your 5th house you may feel a strong desire to keep your spark of play alive, and as a result may have really gifts with working with children. Additionally, your inner divine child is so close to the surface that it is a gift to everyone around you.

Life cannot always be serious, but there are some situations where the spirit of play may not be welcome, so learning how to adapt to all situations would serve you with Vesta in your 5th house. You come alive in new relationships, though you can be quite picky. When you find a vice or a leisure activity that you love it can be hard to pull you away from it, so be mindful of where addictions can form. You are hugely talented when it comes to art, music and expression so much that you inspire others when you create!

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