Psyche Opposition Moon

"I am capable of guiding others through their personal journeys, bringing their souls to the surface with honesty and awareness."

Guiding others through cycles
Nurturing emotional receptivity
Reflecting on personal depth
Fostering open communication

Psyche Opposition Moon

When Psyche and the Moon, two aspects of the divine feminine, interact with each other this can create depth in someone. With these two archetypes connected, you are a person who innately understands receptivity, being able to feel through experiences, as well as understanding natural cycles of human life. You may find that you can actually guide others through their personal full moons and new moons. This demands honesty with yourself and others, as the moon can sometimes indicate where we go unconscious, which is where the shadow of Psyche comes out, which can look like jealousy or fixation.

This connection is one to help both parties bring what is occurring at the level of the soul to the surface. What that is depends on each person and their individual circumstances… could activate and unlock gifts or challenges within the other. Awareness needs to be applied.


Take care with how you approach each other, especially the Psyche person with the way you approach the Moon person about sensitive topics. The moon person should be mindful of the way they respond to the Psyche person. Love is possible in this connection, being sure to remember to take care of each other.

In a close professional, familial or platonic connection, it’s good to take care to get on the same page. Otherwise, you may notice some negative displays of this such as jealousy or unconscious response from the Moon person towards the Psyche person. Make sure as the Psyche person you are on the same team.